Why Starting a Manifestation Journal can Change your Life in a Powerful Way

Creating a daily manifestation journal for your life is a powerful move.

Many people who keep these journals often point out that their life path was affected by their past manifestation journal ideas.

They’ve revealed that the most significant decisions of their lives were prompted and teased out by jotting down innocent little notes, reflections, and thoughts in a simple little manifestation journal.

Those of us who understand and have used the power of manifestation are quicker to embrace the idea of using a manifestation journal.  When you know how to use manifestation, applying their forces through journaling is the logical next step.

You discover that the process of habitually using manifestation journal prompts will energize your entire thought process – to the point that your thinking pattern positively affects your behavior and actions throughout your day.

Why manifesting has become so popular

Explaining the popularity of manifestation is the same reason why anything else becomes popular.

A movie or book becomes popular because they are excellent and entertaining.  A car becomes popular because people like driving them and they are reliable.

The method of manifestation has become popular because it works – plain and simple.

But here’s the real story about manifesting.  It’s working in your life right now, whether you are consciously using it or not.

The fact is that where you are right now is the result of every decision you have ever made in your life.

Granted, sometimes we’ve had bad breaks or even good fortune that were pretty random – which we seemingly had no control over – things that greatly affected our lives.

BUT, the way we responded to those random events was our decision.

And our responses to those events left a deep impression – of how we would respond to the same kinds of things in the future.

Using a writing manifestation technique and recording our thoughts in a journal lets us understand why we respond to life’s events the way we do – which determines the entire trajectory of our life’s journey.

How to start a manifestation journal

The real secret of creating a manifestation journal that works is customization.

Each of us is unique, so something as crucial as navigating through our life’s journey needs personalization.  Using someone else’s journaling methods may not work so well for you.

However, on the other hand, if you’ve never journaled or used manifestation before, then you’ll need to follow someone’s template.  This is perfectly fine, but be alert to your own ideas as they begin flowing (HINT: this is the secret sauce to using manifestation journals).

Don’t worry; you’ll start seeing ways to modify your system based on your own personality – you need only to be alert to them.

Now let’s look at some elements to include in your new journal and roadmap of manifesting your desired life.


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Manifesting your future

Make your manifestation list.  Understand that there’s no right or wrong way to do this.  Grasping the overall concept is by far the most aspect of this.

You’ll always want to begin with a vision of your desired future life.  From this perspective, you’ll need to focus on what you can start doing today to help move you toward that vision.

Therefore, when you begin putting together your manifestation journal, you will want to make a list of the things your life will require to make that future life vision come true.  Perhaps, you’ll need greater earning power, maybe new skills, enlisting the help of others, eliminating harmful habits, etc.

All of this stuff needs to be listed.  What’s very important is that you be as specific as possible.  A clear vision that uses more of your body’s senses can be compelling.

So, it would be great if you described a new car you want in terms of its model and its color and the extras you want.  This will give you vision more realism and generate more passion.

Some people struggle with these kinds of future visions because they don’t believe the visions are plausible.  Their minds do not think they can achieve these goals.  If you struggle with this, then make the concept more believable until you feel comfortable, then you can extend the picture later.

Create 3-5 monthly goals or objectives from this manifestation list to start working toward them.  In other words, start taking bite-sized chunks that will eventually get toward your desired vision.

Evaluate your past life.  It is essential to understand what things worked for you in the past and what things did not work very well.

The best way to do this is to evaluate each success and failure.  And with every one of these events, determine why the successes soared and the failures plopped.  See this as a data-gathering process – not a time to beat yourself up.

You must remain objective because you are simply trying to figure out the things that are working in your life and the things that aren’t.  Never take your failures personally – the only thing they represent to you is how not to do something.  This is very important because you are trying to find patterns in your past behavior.

Sometimes, one simple adjustment can be very life-changing.

Create a manifestation journaling routine.  Your schedule belongs to you – and you alone.  Only you know whether your journaling routine will work best in the evening, morning, or any other time.

What’s important here is that you get started, but most of all – develop a strong routine.  Engaging consistently with your daily manifestation activities is the real key.

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Always blend in gratitude

One ingredient that is often omitted from the manifestation process is gratitude.

As you interact with the world around you, those surroundings will play a massive role in your progress.  Manifesting is much more powerful when you live in harmony and everything around you.

But that’s not all.  This harmony needs to come from a sincere place, and it must be authentic – otherwise, it will fall short.

Gratitude is by far the best way to interact sincerely with your surrounding world.

To get the proper perspective on this, think of your surroundings as a critic observing your behavior and how you are getting along with others.  It knows precisely what you need to do to succeed but has no vested interest in telling you.

It sees you as a stranger and simply doesn’t want to intrude in your life.

Now a wise version of yourself comes along and recognizes that any feedback obtained from this critic would be invaluable – so you are grateful for any morsel of advice.

This approach is very effective because it generates a state of humility inside you – and the greatest state of learning for any human being comes from its most humble existence.

I hope you decide to start creating your manifestation journal today.