Using the Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

Have you been looking for Law of Attraction weight loss tips? The thing is that even if you were to have as much as a million dollars in your bank account, it is not really worth that much if you are not healthy enough to enjoy your wealth.

Most people are just now aware that the one thing that drives optimism in humans is how they feel physically. When it gets right down do it, it is the brain that controls the body. So if the brain is thinking in a positive manner, then the energy flows straight into the body as well. This principle is what makes the Law of Attraction for weight loss so effective.

Law of Attraction Health Benefits

healthy bodySo the major key to using the Law of Attraction for weight loss is maintaining a high level of positive energy as well as a passionate, emotional state of mind in regards to your intentions and desires. And the whole process starts with your thought and beliefs.

We have to remember to never underestimate how powerful that our positive thinking can be for our health. Positive thoughts have the ability to completely transform your mental health, can boost your overall happiness on a daily basis, and put you on the fast lane to a successful life. Most people are not even aware of the many benefits of a positive outlook. It can actually extend your physical health in some very surprising ways.

Scientists are still exploring all the effects that optimism and positive thinking have on health. Optimism does not mean that you have to smile all the time, but it does mean you have to be very positive about the days ahead in your life.

As experts say, “Happiness is an emotion, a feeling. Optimism is a belief about the future.”

Let us examine some of the specific positive effects from using Law of Attraction weight loss tips:

1) Longer Life Spans

Being able to live longer is certainly something that all of us can feel happier about. A healthy and positive outlook on life will influence a lot more than your mood. Those folks who choose to be more optimistic are typically much more devoted and committed to the goals they have set, they are usually a lot more successful in reaching those goals, and are generally more content with their lives. Thus, these optimistic people tend to have higher levels of mental and physical health as compared to those who are more pessimistic. Positive thinkers will usually eat healthier foods, perform exercises on a more regular basis, and tend to take part in preventive healthcare. These are all great reasons for using the Law of Attraction for weight loss.

Were you aware that…

1) An incredible study consisting of more than 600 hospital patients located in Denmark revealed that those who had the most optimistic outlook on life were about 60% more likely of living at least five (5) more years.

2) Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine evaluated data from almost 100,000 women in a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. The women who were optimistic were about 30% less apt to die from heart disease as the pessimistic women in the group. And the women who were “negative thinkers” were 23% more likely to die from cancer.

3) There was a medical journal essay recently that documented the connection between optimism and higher amounts of good cholesterol. This is further explained by an intense desire for healthy living. Another hypothesis discovered that those with more positive thoughts have fewer heart attacks and are about 9% less likely of having a stroke.

When you focus on the positive things in your life and you make it your goal to approach life’s problems in a constructive manner, then you are setting yourself up to have a longer, happier life. This is very much the same manner in which the Law of Attraction for weight loss works.

2) Positive Thoughts Boosts Your Immunity

Your mind actually has a very powerful effect on your body. Immunity is an area where those positive thoughts and optimistic attitudes will have a very dramatic impact. As we have already said, optimism doesn’t only increase your good mood and outlook. Were you aware that having a glass-half-full outlook will also boost your immune system?

There are some very interesting studies regarding the links between mental and physical health which strongly support the claim where positive thoughts can actually increase a person’s resistance to disease.

People who are positive thinkers tend to have an incredibly stronger immune response. They are apt to respond in healthier ways to daily stress, which helps them recover a lot faster.

3) Positive Thinkers Deal With Stress Much Better

fitnessOptimistic people usually cope with life much better than those who are negative. They have the ability to focus and concentrate much better when it comes to finding solutions rather than being distracted by outside forces.

Furthermore, how individuals think and their thought patterns will have a direct effect on their overall health and well-being. This is the reason why you should focus on conquering any negative thought patterns you have. Because when you can start looking at life in a more positive manner, you reduce your chances of suffering from many types of diseases. This is why using the Law of Attraction for weight loss is so incredibly important to our overall health.

Were you aware that…

1) People who suffer from high-stress levels are prone to have high blood pressure as well? And this condition dramatically increases their risk for health problems like dementia and diabetes?

2) Cardiovascular tests conducted on both optimists and pessimists revealed that the bodies of optimistic people return to a relaxed state much quicker than pessimistic people?

3) People who have positive thoughts also have lower amounts of the stress hormone cortisol? This indicates that optimism reduces biological vulnerability and increases the ability to handle stress, both of which will lead to significant health benefits.

Manifesting Weight Loss

In our modern society, we are seeing so much emphasis placed on a person’s appearance. This is not only an unhealthy practice; it is no even sincere or authentic. It creates so much discontent in good people as they can’t help but compare themselves to those who have perfect bodies. The Law of Attraction for weight loss does not condone these senseless comparisons to others.

We can certainly understand why people get resentful and develop a hatred for what they see in the mirror every day. They start to develop envy and an unrealistic expectation about how they believe they ought to look. Many people even point to a body part and start hating it. Say things like, “I hate my thighs!” or “I despise my big butt!”

As we emphasized over and over again in the previous section, our thoughts have a direct effect on our health. So what are those negative statements about our bodies doing to our overall health? All of us know the answer and it is not good.

This is why we emphasized so many times already how important our mental outlook is on our physical health. The Law of Attraction for weight loss is based on our overall attitude and the way we feel about ourselves.

Never forget that the Law of Attraction is a universal law that is always at work. You will never have to find ways around this law or seek the means of tricking it; you only have to remember that your thoughts will always equal things. You need to start learning how to ask for your perfect body and then have deep faith that the universe will always provide you the things you ask for. And the Law of Attraction for weight loss is a very sound approach.

When you get a grip on this concept, then you have won half the battle already. So quit stressing over all those different diets and start dumping all those ‘fat thoughts’ you are having and get your perfect body.

Using the Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

Now that you are on the path to thinking in a positive manner about your ideal health, let’s start going over the basic steps. This is an exciting and fun exercise that everyone really enjoys.

1) Establish your Goals

When you start setting goals, you begin giving yourself a direction to move toward and you know the specific things in your life on which to focus. This is why goals are so vital to living a successful life. Clear goals are very much needed for the Law of Attraction for weight loss to start working for you.

Write down a specific and detailed description of what you wish to accomplish. When you do this, it provides you with a defined mental picture. This process of transferring your thoughts to paper increases your clarity tenfold.

For example, suppose you want to lose 20 pounds over the next three months. Perhaps you’ve tried and tried to lose those 20 pounds for years, but never succeeded. Those times you attempted to do this in the past and failed were the result of you not following through. When you use the Law of Attraction for weight-loss method, you will find that you will achieve your goal with less effort, less suffering, and even less struggle.

You begin by focusing on your goal, which is weight loss. You decide that this is something that you must do. Get very clear on your reasons for doing this because those reasons will support the goal. And you have to remind yourself constantly of these reasons. This is such an important concept for the Law of Attraction for weight loss to work properly.

When you have sincerely and truly accepted the fact that your goal is worth the sacrifice and the struggle it is going to bring, then you are ready to get into the second phase, which is the visualization phase.

2) Visualize Your Goals Being Accomplished

See in your mind’s eye how you are going to lose that weight. Visualize yourself being extremely devoted to the goal, and working up a sweat in the gym, and following that strict diet plan which will require some sacrifice. All these things are critical and you have to see yourself accomplishing all these things. And there is really a no better method to do this than using the Law of Attraction for weight loss. Never forget that if you really wish to attract a slimmer figure of yourself into your current life, then you must focus your mind on that slimmer image of yourself.

3) Accept the Actualization of your Goals When They Occur

Up to this point, you’ve been looking at a future version of yourself in your mind’s eye, so let us reverse that. Rather than projecting yourself into the future, why not let yourself receive that reality at a present level? Open up your mind to the realization of your goal. Imagine and visualize the ways that all these changes are going to improve your current life. Look at yourself in the future after you have achieved that slimmer figure. Are you feeling healthier? Aren’t you feeling much happier? Do you see yourself as more attractive and self-confident? Let yourself feel those feelings right now in the present. This is a powerful way to use the Law of Attraction for weight loss.

The fact is that you could feel a little uneasy about reaching your goal. This is why we begin performing this last step. It gets us accustomed to feeling the result in advance so that we are not freaked out about it later. You really need to do this to be successful.

Some Final Thoughts Regarding Weight Loss

We must realize that a lot of our weight loss issues come from how we emotionally respond to stress in our life. How often have you craved ice cream, or pasta or even chocolate because you had a tough day? Have you ever ordered pizza because there was nothing prepared for dinner and the kids were screaming? Did you ever quit trying to lose weight all together whenever work got too busy, or the kids had a gazillion activities or some other stress in your life?

When you have to remember is that whenever you decide to lose weight, the stresses in your life are not going to magically disappear. Those difficulties are going to be in full force the whole time you attempt that diet and that new workout routine. Thus, if you are falling off the wagon every single time life gets in your way, then you probably need a new way to cope with those daily stresses. You must succeed at becoming healthier and losing weight in spite of the daily stresses that life will throw at you.

Whenever you decide to set some new weight loss goals, make a plan for yourself to deal with those extra things that life is going to throw at you. For instance, prepare the meals you will need in advance, lay out your exercise clothes and gear ahead of time, and figure out in advance how you will feed your family and take care of their daily needs. Having some forethought will keep you on track and you will be happy you did. This action will help you greatly in putting the Law of Attraction for weight loss to work for you.

One of the secrets of having a healthy life is learning how to cope with the daily struggles that all of us experience.

Find Solutions and Lay off the Excuses

An effective strategy to use throughout your weight loss experience is to start focusing on finding solutions rather than coming up with excuses. It is just too easy to use excuses. To begin with, we tend to use excuses because we are very afraid of failing. The Law of Attraction for weight loss can get you past this.

So rather than facing a potential failure such as being unable to perform a certain exercise, we might say that we are sick or that exercise isn’t very effective. Thus, we are seeking permission for giving up or not even trying. Never forget that failure is merely a part of the overall process. It is perfectly fine to fail. Rather than seeking permission to give up, why not give yourself permission to fail?

Another time we use excuses is simply because we are just plain lazy. Sometimes our self-discipline level falls off and we find a way to not workout or to eat those chocolate covered donuts. If this is how you feel sometimes, then own it and realize you are prone to being lazy. All of us struggle with being lazy – it’s okay. The first step of addressing it is to own it. When you admit this to yourself, then you are ready to move past it.

And finally, sometimes we really are not ready for the change. We tell ourselves we wish to lose weight and become a slimmer version of ourselves, but our excuses might indicate otherwise. Perhaps we really do want to change our eating habits yet, and all the other things that are needed to get healthier. Again, we have to be honest with ourselves here. This fear is quite common actually, and we have to own this fear and not make excuses for it.

To get past these reasons for excuses, we need to remind ourselves once again of the many reasons for getting healthier and losing weight. The biggest step here is admitting to ourselves why we are making excuses – once we do that, we can move forward. And we move forward by getting very clear as to why we are losing weight in the first place. This exactly how the Law of Attraction for weight loss is supposed to work.

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