Using the Law of Attraction for Love

Thousands of people are using the Law of Attraction for love these days. This powerful law is based on the notion that “like attracts like,” and when we focus on positive thoughts it allows us to attract positive results as well. By following and understanding this basic law, we are able to actually attract our soulmates.

One of the biggest reasons that so many people are using the Law of Attraction is to have them find love and life partners. Along with wealth, people are most eager to boost their love lives. One would think that with so many people in the world, finding love would be easier, but in many ways, it seems to actually be harder. And the fact is that many of us are struggling in a huge way with finding and bringing love into our lives. Whenever there is a new tool available to help them manifest the relationship of their dreams, it is certainly going to get everyone’s attention.

Putting the Law of Attraction to Use

Oftentimes, these kinds of concepts are easier said than done. Thus, whenever we try to use them in our own lives, we tend to find them clunky and harder to grasp. Using the Law of Attraction for love means you need to align your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts with your desired outcome. And we usually attempt to do this in an environment that provides a lot of resistance at first.

romance relationshipMany experts and gurus who are well versed in using the Law of Attraction attribute this initial resistance to the bad feelings we have manifested within ourselves. And the bad feelings come mainly from all the limiting beliefs we have and because of the lack we feel not having the things we desire. These limiting beliefs are the result of our past experiences.

Another item that is causing resistance is attributing to how much importance we have placed on finding love and a new relationship. We find ourselves feeling extremely attached to this quest of finding a soulmate, and we have become terrified of spending our lives alone and never finding that dream relationship.

We find it very difficult to merely sit back and relax, and let the universal law do its bidding. The fact is that if we want to use the Law of Attraction for love, we have to come to grips with what makes it work because these kinds of actions will actually work against finding true love in the end.

So don’t feel bad if you have been putting a lot of effort into finding that great relationship. The fact is that you are not alone. Lots of us are trying to find our soulmates. The good news is that there is a lot of hope and great promise for everyone to find a wonderful and reward relationship, regardless of what has happened in your past.

You must realize that when you begin harnessing the amazing power of the Law of attraction for love, you are attracting the best versions of what you desire. When you attract things to your life by default and using nothing but intentional thoughts or considerations, you tend to settle for what life gives you. Remember that you do not have to settle – so you should refuse to do this.

Ways to Start Using the Law of Attraction for Love

Never forget that there is literally nothing you cannot have after discovering how to energize and use this incredible power that exists inside you. Let us look at several ways to begin using the Law of Attraction to find your soulmate.

Be very clear about the things you desire in a mate 

When we have relationships that have failed, they have actually helped us in a way. These failed relationships reveal to us what we really want in an ideal partner. Where we go wrong about analyzing our past relationships is that we tend to focus on all the negative things that happened and never the positive things.

For instance, when we state that we do not want someone who “puts their work before their relationship,” we are actually focusing on a partner who likes to put their job before love. This is how our subconscious works – it focusing where your energy is sent.

However, the great news is that when you know the things you want to avoid, you will also know what you do want. The power to create your desires depends on your ability to structure thoughts that are positive and clear about what you are wishing for.

In the end, you will be able to tell if your daily affirmation is positive or negative simply by how it will make you feel. If you feel awesome from stating the affirmation, then it is positive. If the statement makes you feel bad, then it’s negative. It is literally that simple. Whenever begin thinking those negative thoughts, then flip them around and focus on the positive aspects. This will make you feel better immediately and you’ll actually be aligned with love. This is the true essence of using the Law of Attraction for love.

Keep dreaming about your desire 

If you’re sincerely ready for your soulmate, then daydreaming about your perfect match is actually a great thing to do. When you imagine what your ideal mate will be like, you are using the universal law as it should be used. The universe gets all these images as indicators of what needs to be created in your life. When you use your imagination, you are actually creating and improving that desired relationship in your mind, molding it into your perfect match.

Whenever you nail down that ideal picture within your mind’s eye, you can replay it over and over again, until the day that you begin actually meeting them. The amazing ability of imagination is incredible and will transform your love life when you choose to use its power. The Law of Attraction for love shows you how to use this imagination power.

Love yourself before anything else

manifesting love and romanceThe most basic rule about love is that it’s hard to get another person to fall in love with you when you don’t love yourself. Whenever we criticize or judge ourselves, we are actually transmitting energy that will repel people. A person who is self-critical puts out negative energy that will keep any potential mates away.

However, when you love yourself, people are attracted to self-love and thus, they have the power to attract potential soulmates. To begin the process of self-love, you should write at least ten things that you love about yourself. Now print out this list and keep it where you will be able to see it often. You must realize that it doesn’t really matter that much what you put on the list, just as long as it creates good feelings within you that are supportive. Most people feel that this is the very first step of using the Law of Attraction for love.

The more often you place your focus on the things that you love about yourself, the more self-love you are going to feel and experience. This will make it easier for other people to fall in love with you too. The reason is that people feel wonderful when they are around others that love themselves.

Dump any jealous feelings

It is perfectly natural for us to feel jealous occasionally whenever we see others receiving things that we want but don’t yet have. However, these jealous feelings are actually preventing love from coming into our lives. Envy is an extremely negative emotion that will eventually drive away from anything you desire.

Rather than feel jealous, you must understand that when you see others living your dreams, it means that your dreams are getting closer. So why not celebrate the joy and love that others are getting instead? This approach tells the universe to bring you these joys as well, and it follows the Law of Attraction for love.

Do not ever give up your desires

The primary reason that the Law of Attraction fails to work is that people simply give up too soon. It is something like placing an order for a delicious dinner and then leaving before your dinner arrives. Think of your desires as your order being on its way to you. However, you must remain in alignment with your desires; otherwise, you will not receive your order.

We often become frustrated and disappointed whenever our dates fail to meet our expectations, but we fail to realize that this is evidence that our soulmate is still coming. Because of disappointment, we tend to give up, never ever knowing what we might have missed. The whole key to the Law of Attraction for love is that when you’re crystal clear about your specific desire, you have to remain committed to it until it is manifested in your life.

Do not give in to doubts 

We live in a very accommodating universe where it’s possible to reach all our desires and dreams. The primary obstacle to manifesting our dream is doubt. Whenever we desire something, but we begin to doubt that it is really possible. And this doubt is what will keep it from arriving.

Knowing your potential is the positive energy that will open the door for attracting your desires. Doubts create negative energy that will shut that very same door. Whenever you keep yourself aligned with attracting your soulmate, you have a sense of knowing they are on their way.

Start enjoying yourself right now

Do not fall into the trap of simply waiting for love to reach you and then you can start living your life. Remember that you always attract what you are. For instance, if you’re a big couch potato, you are going to attract another couch potato. If you are looking for someone that is active or likes to read, then you better start doing those things because that is what you are attracting.

Do not wait for them to come into your life before enjoying your best life. Go ahead and begin enjoying your very best life today. This will actually make you more attractive to that special person when they reach you – this is a basic concept in using the Law of Attraction for love.

Start living the future you

You should distinguish between the two you’s. There’s the “single you” of today, and then there’s a “future you” that has met their life partner. Great use of the Law of Attraction to attract that perfect guy or girl is by becoming that person who’s already living in that relationship.

Why wait for that relationship to manifest? You really need to become that person who is sustaining a healthy relationship. This means you need to prepare your living spaces for that new partner. You will need to make room in your closet, or empty out a drawer. Think of ways that you can ready yourself and remain perfectly aligned with your soulmate.

Get your beliefs in order 

Review your current beliefs about love and clean up things that are negative that are not supportive of attracting that ideal relationship. We are talking about negative notions like these examples (“I am just not attractive enough.” “I do not have enough money.” “All the great ones are already gone”). 

Never forget that the universe has the power to make your beliefs come true, so if there’s a belief in your head that is not supportive, then you need to drop it and create new beliefs. The universe will always react to the feeling you have about yourself. Thus, when you feel unworthy or not deserving, the universe will always reflect this.

Do not worry about how it will happen. 

Your sole job is to clearly define the things you desire and then get aligned with those desires in the manner that has been previously described. This does not include how it is going to happen. Do not waste any of your energy worrying about the way it will happen in your life.

The fact is that we are living in a magical universe. And it has the power to deliver to us exactly the things that we desire, and it will do so in the most incredible and amazing ways. When you get tangled up in the how, you will actually block the power from the Law of Attraction.

If you try to control the how, you just get in the way and make it more difficult than it needs to be. Instead, let go of your ideas about the way it needs to happen – just get out of the way and let the universe perform its magic.

Of course, this does not mean sitting home and doing nothing. The difference is you are awaiting this inspired action. Inspired action means things like getting a sudden feeling to go get coffee, or buying gas at a place you normally don’t frequent.

The Law of Attraction will communicate through your intuitions, so you need to be prepared to listen and follow those gut feelings when they occur. Always be open to all sorts of possibilities because you will never know exactly how our universe will deliver.

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