The Most Effective Way of Using Law of Attraction Affirmations

Thousands of successful people already know that the Law of Attraction affirmations is very effective.

An affirmation is basically an upbeat, simple, and positive statement that declares a specific goal in its completed state. They may seem and sound a bit elementary and basic, but these statements are extremely empowering and have an amazing effect on both the subconscious and the conscious mind.

Conducting these affirmations every day is the key to energizing the powerful Law of Attraction and reaching your dreams.

People who have enjoyed massive success, from top businessmen and entrepreneurs to bestselling writers and Professional athletes, realized at some point having great willpower just was not enough to reach their goals.

People who desire success must learn how to let go of those negative thoughts and images in their minds. Then they need to blast their subconscious minds with new positive thoughts and images that are both loving and positive, as well as experience them in the present tense. This is what Law of Attraction affirmations can do.

The Story Behind Daily Affirmations

law of attraction affirmationsA great way to look at daily affirmations is to consider them as exercises for the mind. Whenever you repeat these affirmations to yourself, it begins to reprogram your subconscious mind for success.

This mental exercise will help eliminate all those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts in your mind. It will also remodel your personal comfort zone from one that keeps you trapped in continuous mediocrity to a zone where anything at all is possible. It will replace all those “I can’ts” you keep repeating with “I cans.” 


Planning the Content for Your Affirmations

The one thing about using Law of Attraction affirmations is you can customize them and make them personal for you. We always have the option of using pre-written standard affirmations, but the ones we create for ourselves are always much more effective. This is because you can design them to specifically address your own needs and desires.

The steps below will guide you in planning your own daily affirmations.

1) Review your own positive attributes 

Sadly, many of us rarely ever focus on all the positive things that we like about ourselves. It is more normal for us to constantly dwell on those attributes that we would like to change. When we take an inventory of our positive traits, we begin taking actions to break the cycle of our constant negative internal dialog.

As you use these newly crafted affirmations, you will begin appreciating the person you are and what you have to offer the world. Additionally, you begin feeling like the person you are going to become after you reach your goals as well. This is exactly how Law of Attraction affirmations are supposed to work.

Get yourself either a notebook or a spreadsheet and begin listing your very best qualities, abilities, skills, and other attributes. Do not leave anything out – write it all down. You could even ask someone who is close to you what they think your best traits are.


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Write every quality in short brief sentences that begin with “I” and are in the present tense. For example “I am strong,” or “I am a great designer”.

All of these statements become affirmations of the person you are right now. Imagine how you would feel if you repeated these every single day.

2) Start identifying the negative scripts you want to change 

This is where the deprogramming begins. As you identify the negative statements that are repeated in your mind, you can start the process of reversing their effects. You should list the ones that are repeated the most in your mind.

3) List the goals you wish to accomplish

Now start listing the goals you desire. It is a good idea to have goals in all aspects of your life such as career, relationship, health, and spirituality. The happiest people in the world are those who live balanced lives.

Crafting and Using your Affirmations

Now that you have inventoried your positive attributes, identified your negative internal dialog statements, and your future goals, you are ready to start writing your own personal affirmations. Law of Attraction affirmations have the power to literally change your life and the following steps will get you started.

1) Prioritize your list of items to work on 

You will probably discover that you have several goals and lots of negative talks to counteract. However, the best approach is to only focus on a few daily affirmations at any given time. So what you need to do now is pick the ones that you consider as most urgent and work on those items first.

After you see improvements in those areas and achieve those goals, you can create a brand new set of affirmations from your list. You are certainly free to use as many daily affirmations as you wish at any given time, but you might consider using only about 5-6 of them at any one time.

2) Write your daily affirmations 

The daily affirmations you craft will be one of three different kinds of statements. They will either strengthen an existing positive trait, could counteract a negative internal dialog statement, or they could target future goals. Many people choose to have a mixture of these statements in a given set of daily affirmations.

All Law of Attraction affirmations is pretty much structured the same way. You write them as short positive statements that begin with “I”. Most specifically, the statements will begin with “I am”, “I will” or “I can”.  Remember, the daily affirmations you are planning to use are going to influence future changes in your life.

Using “I can” statements: Write statements that affirm your ability to achieve your goal. For instance, if you wish to lose weight, statements like “I can lose weight,” is a very good place to start. Many gurus urge that it is vital to avoid any negativity in your statements, so you might say things like “I can begin eating healthy,” or “I can have a slim waistline.”

Using “I will” statements: Write statements that affirm right now you are going to actually begin achieving your goal. Using the above example, you might say, “I will eat healthy today,” or “I will have to only eat more healthy today than I did yesterday.” Again, your affirmations ought to use positive language.

Using “I am” statements: When you write statements using “I am”, you are taking a step closer to living the future achievement of your goal. So if we use the weight loss goal again, we might say, “I am eating healthier every single day.” Or “I am getting slimmer every single day.” This is positive and true – if you are indeed working on your goal. These elements make the statements very powerful.

3) Link your positive attributes to your goals 

If you want to supercharge your goals, then you should connect your positive strengths toward the achievement of your goals. This is because your mind already knows you have this strength, so it is very believable that you can apply it toward your desired outcome.

Your affirmation might be, “Using my strong willpower, I am living each day healthier.”

4) Keep your daily affirmations in front of you

There is simply no substitute for repetition. It is a huge key in making your daily affirmations more effective. When you begin thinking about your affirmations throughout the day, every day, you start living them. Law of Attraction affirmations are so powerful; you should look at them as much as possible. Here are some ways to keep them in front of you.

Write your daily affirmations in your diary or journal once every morning and then once again in the evening before going to bed. Additionally, repeat these affirmations to yourself as you write them. You want to train your mind to think about your affirmations the first thing when awaken, and the last thing you think about before drifting off to sleep.

Meditate daily on your affirmations. Gently shut your eyes and close off the world, and think quietly about your affirmations. Say them and repeat those words. Now think deeply about what each affirmation really means to you. Look into your future and feel all the emotions that these desired outcomes will create inside you.

Leave reminder notes in different locations. You can use either sticky notes or 3X5 index cards to list your daily affirmations (one statement for each note or card). Create many different cards for each of your affirmations, and then scatter them around places where you are bound to see them. You could put one on your kitchen table, lay one on your car’s dashboard, place them in one of your desk drawers, attach a sticky to your computer monitor screen, and so forth. Every time you see one of these cards, read the statement and feel what it really means to you.

Carry your daily affirmations with you. Make your own personal list of the affirmations you have created and insert them in your purse or wallet. This way, they are always with you, and you can pull them out when you need a boost or a reminder.

5) Continue using daily affirmations 

Just because you achieved your goals, it doesn’t mean you should stop doing affirmations every day. Why not make it a brand new habit in your life? You should always strive to be better and improve.

Since the more you affirm a statement to yourself, the more strongly your mind is going to accept it as fact. Why not keep taking advantage of this powerful tool?

It is recommended that you keep using daily affirmations to grow and make your life better. You can always use Law of Attraction affirmations to learn brand new skills and learn to do them very well.