Use the Power of Visualization Daily and Watch the Magic

Visualization of desire is perhaps the most powerful technique that successful people use to accelerate the achievement of their goals greatly. If you tell your brain the things you want often enough and clearly enough, it will turn any dream into reality.

The power of visualization is incredibly underutilized. The average person is either unaware or simply doesn’t believe it works. Even successful non-believers are subconsciously using visualization without even realizing it.

To achieve goals with a 100% guarantee, visualize your ideal future, taking into account the magic formula: clarity of visualization X regularity of visualization = achieved goal.

When visualizing a dream, think of a particular moment that sums up everything you associate with successful goal achievement.

Using visualization properly

For example, it could be imagining yourself as the first runner crossing the finish line, imagining yourself receiving congratulations after a job promotion, or imagining yourself driving the car of your dreams.

Imagine yourself in the middle of the picture and experience a moment of goal achievement by all senses. Imagine what you see, what you hear, and what you feel. Keep adding details until you can see a moment of goal achievement clearly.

The power of visualization is one of the most effective tools that everyone is born with. Its power directly depends on the clarity of your mental picture in which you celebrate and enjoy the achievement of the goal.

More image enhancement is required

The more vividly you imagine a moment of goal achievement, the more real it becomes for your subconscious, and the more effective visualization is for motivating actions, generating ideas, and attracting resources.

The more vividly you imagine the fulfillment of your dream, the quicker it materializes in the real world.

Goals should always be at the top of your mind to keep the subconscious mind thinking about ideas, maintaining enthusiasm, and noticing necessary resources.

The more frequently you visualize your goal as already achieved, the higher the overall impact of visualization on the process of goal achievement, and the quicker the picture from your imagination will become reality.

How to easily increase your visualizations

Creating a dream board is an excellent way to increase the number of times you visualize a goal. A dream board is a picture or a collection of images that represent what exactly you want to achieve.

For example, it could be a picture of your dream car; it could be a picture of a check for $1 million, or a picture of a famous athlete with your head attached to his or her body. You can either draw a picture yourself or create a collage with pictures taken from magazines, newspapers, or the internet.

Hang your dream board near the desk where you work most of the time so that you stumble upon it often during the day. The goal of the dream board is to remind you to visualize your goal every time you see it and increase the frequency of your visualizations.

Every time you look at your dream board, you will think, “Oh, here is my dream. Let’s imagine this dream as already fulfilled in the future for a few seconds.”

With a dream board, you will think about your goal more often, and as a result, the overall impact of visualization on the process of goal achievement will be higher, and you will achieve a goal sooner.

When to implement visual methods

Early in the morning, right after you wake up, and late in the evening, right before you go to bed, are periods of time when visualization is most effective for activating the subconscious mind. Why?

When you imagine your goal as achieved before going to sleep, you program your subconscious mind to think during the night about ideas that can help achieve this goal.

The subconscious mind works best during the night when the conscious mind is inactive, and if you visualize the goal before going to bed, you will come up with excellent ideas in the morning or later during the day.

When you visualize a goal early in the morning, you program your subconscious mind to think about ideas that can help achieve your goal throughout the day.

The earlier you first visualize a goal during the day for the first time, the sooner you activate your subconscious mind and the more ideas you will generate during the day that can be helpful to achieve a goal.

Make it a habit to visualize goals after waking up and before going to bed because during these time frames activating the subconscious mind is especially powerful.

Visualize your goals frequently and clearly because this is what turns them into reality. Visualization is a magic wand that turns dreams into reality because it motivates actions, stimulates ideas, and draws resources.


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