Discovering Motivation for Weight Loss That Works

Even though it may be in the back of your mind, you know that you want to lose weight.

And this desire might even get your full attention, but perhaps you are still struggling with finding the motivation to see it through.

Maybe every week you start your diet once again on Monday. And yet, by Friday, you have already abandoned your diet again.

You find it easy to proclaim that you will start going to the gym … next week. But somehow, you lose that little spark of motivation to follow through with your intended gym visit.

You are not alone; many people are living this weekly cycle of intending to diet and then losing their motivation by the following weekend.

The fact is that losing weight really doesn’t have to be this miserable. There is no need to engage in a mental battle every day.

There are ways that you can eat very well and lose weight without being hungry.

Let us examine a few easy tricks to get yourself motivated.

Discover your Own Personal Motivation

Discovering Effective Motivation for Weight LossIt is hard to focus on any goal when you don’t fully understand the benefits of achieving that goal.

Yes, you know you want to lose weight, but do you know why you want to lose weight?

It is well worth your time to sit down for 20 minutes and figure out why you want to shed those extra pounds. Write down every reason that pop-ups in your mind.


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Maybe you are trying to fit into your summer clothes from last year, or maybe you to buying new summer clothes in a smaller size.

Perhaps you want to feel more comfortable on the beach in your bikini. Maybe your motivation is more about your health and not as much about your looks.

When you lose weight, it could mean finding new activities that you were afraid to try before. You might begin playing sports with your children or begin training for a half marathon.

There are two big benefits to writing down these motivations. The first benefit is getting a clear reason for why you want to lose weight.

Secondly, it gives you a rock to revisit in the future when you need to renew your motivation.

Keep Track of Your Progress

When it comes to success stories, everyone loves the before and after shots. You can clearly see where that person started and what they look like now they’ve reached their goal. But how would you think seeing a daily progress chart make you feel?

When you lose weight, it is tempting to weigh yourself daily. The temptation comes from your strong desire to validate that what you’re doing is actually working.

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The fact is that daily weighing is about the worst thing you can do to your motivation.

The reason is that no one who successfully loses weight ever loses weight every single day. Some days you will lose a little weight, and some days you will gain back a few of those pounds.

However, you will lose weight in the end. Rather than measuring the ups and downs of daily weigh-ins, give yourself time to see some actual progress.

Start weighing yourself every week instead of daily, and see how far you’ve come.

Learn to Forgive Yourself

Motivation for Weight LossYour weight loss quest is actually a journey. And no journey is smooth sailing from start to finish.

There will be setbacks during this journey, where you may feel like you are going backward instead of forwards.

Do not be so hard on yourself when you conduct your weekly weigh-in and discover that you have lost as much weight as you had hoped.

During the occasional setback, focus on what you can do differently next week to help you through that particular setback. Look at overcoming setbacks as a challenge rather than a failure.

Never forget that because you didn’t follow your diet today, it doesn’t mean that the whole week is a write-off. Don’t use occasional lapses as an excuse to give up for the week.

Forgive yourself for your setback and move on.

Enjoy your Progress

Just as you should forgive yourself for any failures, you should also reward yourself for your successes. When you reach your targets, give yourself a reward.

This could be a little treat that you’re not normally allowed to eat. Or it could be a little pampering, like buying a new item of clothing or getting a manicure.

Visualize the Possibilities

weight lossIt is too easy to focus on all that you will lose when you try to lose weight. That might be giving up doughnuts and burgers or lying on the couch watching TV all weekend.

Instead, try to think about the things you’ll gain from losing weight to spark your motivation. Think about being able to shop for the clothes you love. Think about looking great in your new summer clothes.

Maybe you are looking forward to having more energy and being able to participate in more physical activities.

Perhaps you want to try something you’ve never done before. Losing weight could mean learning to surf, trying rock climbing, and other items on your bucket list.

Imagine the life you are striving for and know that those dreams are yours to gain.