Manage These 4 Brain Chemicals and Be More Happy

We usually get the wrong impression of happiness.

Being happy is not just about reaching our goals … don’t get me wrong, that’s great. But it comes from enjoying the process and loving the path that gets you there.

And it’s not about changing everything that is wrong about us and growing from there. It’s about knowing we have the power to grow and change …

And then getting passionate about the journey to get us to that mountain top. Although we are talking about the same goals and the same desires, the distinction of getting there is entirely different!!

That’s mind-blowing … and the reason so many of us fall short and give up

The Power of Happiness

Studies have repeatedly shown us that happy people frequently achieve more and are more goals in their lives.

Yet our society keeps convincing us that we must be smarter, or we must have degrees, and on and on. Look around you at the happiest and most successful people in your world ….

Many of them have none of those things!!

We have been conned into thinking that we can only feel happy when we achieve our success, achieve our career goals, or find our soulmates.

This type of thinking is what is preventing you from achieving these things. When you say “I’ll be happy when …” you are setting yourself up to go months, or years, without allowing yourself to feel happy.

And even when we achieve one of those goals, we tend to let ourselves enjoy it only for a moment……Before chasing a new goal that will allow us to feel happy again.

This is not real happiness, my friend!

The Four (4) Components of Real Happiness

Amazingly, today’s science can define the 4 chemicals in our brains that create feelings of happiness. Each of these chemicals will affect our happiness levels in a different way.

Dopamine – It’s what we feel when we love the process of striving for goals.

Oxytocin – It’s what we feel whenever we are being social.

Serotonin – It’s what we feel whenever we’re in a great mood. Around 90% of our Serotonin is created in the gut and is determined by things we eat.

Endorphins – It’s the rush we feel during our fight or flight state of mind. They help us get through the challenges that occur in our daily lives. They help us through the difficult times when working towards challenging goals.

Reaching the Pinnacle of Your Life

Needless to say, whenever we manage these four chemicals in our brains, we achieve more, and we are happier as well. The good news is that you can take straightforward actions to boost these chemical levels.

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The only thing we need to do is learn to step into the flow.

It’s sad to say, but just about everything that you’ve been taught has been a lie.

After all, why are you reading this right now?


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