How to Solve Problems using Creative Ideas

Yes, you can learn how to solve problems using creative ideas. Anyone can do it, but unfortunately, very few people even try.

It’s fascinating how creative artists view their creation process. Inevitably, they always refer to getting themselves in an open state of mind from where the core of creativity begins. Some famous painters start by looking at a blank canvas, or great guitarists begin by looking at the ocean, with their guitar alongside, waiting for that creative idea.

Setting the stage for creative ideas

Some artists like to set their mental state to be receptive to new creative ideas by remaining silent with a clear mind while reserving their mental energy. They try not to overthink how they might approach their work, which would be a distraction to the things their non-rational brain would communicate.

Many writers believe that with enough empty time, their creations just materialize. These creative ideas are essentially a subconscious and mysterious process. We need to remain alert to receive them as they come.

This means being quiet enough mentally to receive them and be willing to wait for them. Too many people don’t recognize how these creative ideas can solve many of their life’s problems. They dismiss such thoughts as worthless noise in their minds.

Starting the creative process

The creative process is a surprise to you. You write about things you are familiar with, places you’ve been, and who you knew. The source of creativity lies in the void from the moment of conception.


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What are you giving up when your core creativity goes down? Many people think that ideas can be derived from the collective unconscious. It’s here that stories, themes, and characters’ archetypes are said to reside, leaking into our conscious and subconscious minds and influencing how we see ourselves and our lives.

While some say you can only tap into your subconscious, others believe you can also access the collective unconscious.

Using mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation — whether sitting silently and emptying your mind, going for a walk in nature, or entering “absorption” when you sit still and observe — may help you get out of overthinking and into a receptive mental state.

Meditation’s stillness and concentration impact your brainwaves, altering your mental attitude. Distraction-free time may assist you in maintaining a receptive mentality while remaining in the present moment.

After emptying your mind, you will be surprised at the amount of creativity and knowledge available to you. Instead of having to try and be open-minded, receptivity comes naturally. 

Meditation process to ignite your creativity

This “No-Self” Meditation allows you to let go of your ego so that you can be curious, receptive, and free enough to access your true creativity:

Begin by quieting your thoughts. Rather than letting your mind distract you, be open to something bigger. Focus on what you’re experiencing without thinking about it. If thoughts come up, let them go like clouds passing in the sky.

Once the stream of distracting thoughts has quieted down, sit with the feeling of receptivity for a minute or two.

Allow yourself to experience “no self.” Let go of your attachment to your identity and simply be present. Allow yourself to be open and flexible with all fixed notions of who you are or how your creative project should unfold.

Thoughts will come and go without you trying to hold on to them. Soon enough, you’ll be in your ego mind less often, fixated on self-limiting beliefs; instead, you’ll feel curious and open to new opportunities.

Enter the pristine emptiness. Recognize that you’ve gone into The Void. Even if it’s a little unpleasant, stay here since you’ll find that this void is actually a fertile one, revealing itself to be brimming with ideas, images, pictures, colors, textures, stillness, and potential.

Be present in the moment and let yourself fully absorb this core creativity. As you allow this experience to seep in, take note of what you’re feeling, understanding, and seeing. This energy of possibility that you are soaking in can be harnessed to make your deepest desires a reality.

When you’re ready, end the meditation. Any ideas, thoughts, or epiphanies that come to you should be jotted down.

By using the No-Self Meditation, you can declutter your mind and open yourself up to intuition and creativity.