How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Your subconscious mind is programmed by your thoughts and is incredibly powerful in drawing what you think about most of the time to your life. It can eliminate negative thoughts if you let it or instruct it to do so.

However, with great power comes great responsibility because the subconscious mind not only can bring good things to your life and make it happy but also bring bad things to your life and make it miserable.

Your brain will fulfill exactly what you tell it to do, and every thought, positive or negative, will impact your future.

How your mind naturally works

For example, if you are trying to create a business and the following thoughts come to your mind, “I am not cut out for this,” “I doubt it is possible,” or “I am worth nothing.”

These negative thoughts will block your subconscious from generating ideas, reduce your enthusiasm to take action, and prevent you from noticing valuable resources.

And at the first sign of difficulty, you will throw a white flag and say to yourself: “You see, I was right when I said that I am not cut out for this, it’s not possible, and I am worth nothing.”

Every thought serves as a command for your subconscious to turn this thought into reality. If you think you are poor, you are likely to become poorer; if you fear being fired, you increase your chances of getting fired; if you doubt that you can achieve your goal, you become less likely to achieve it.

How negativity spreads in your mind

Negative thoughts draw adverse events, and if they constitute the majority of thoughts in your head. They can literally make your life miserable. You might ask, “How can I protect myself from the negative thoughts then?”

Firstly, control thoughts that get into your head, and once you notice that a particular thought is negative, for example, “I am poor,” “I am unlucky,” or “I don’t have time,” consciously block it. Tell yourself: “I won’t let this thought poison my subconscious and make my life less awesome than it can be.”

Secondly, when you hear other people around you being pessimistic and discussing how something is wrong or impossible, either avoid communicating with them or change the topic of the conversation.

Negative thoughts you hear from other people are toxic and dangerous poison because they can affect your own thoughts. This is why we must learn how to eliminate negative thoughts as soon as possible.

Eliminate negative thoughts

Reduce the number of negative thoughts you hear from other people in private conversations, reduce the amount of negative thoughts you hear from other people on TV, and reduce the amount of negative thoughts you hear from others on the internet.

Positive people have positive expectations in their lives and are successful most days. Negative people have negative expectations in their lives and are unsuccessful most days.

By reducing the amount of negative thoughts that flow through your head, you can significantly improve your results in life. Enjoy your life today only so you can make it even more remarkable in the future.

React positively to both positive and negative events

Imagine that a colleague at work stole your wallet.

After you had a conversation with your manager and the wallet was returned. Despite a good end to the incident, you stay angry at the colleague for two more months, and every negative thought that comes to your mind draws unpleasant events to your life.

A bad event in your life isn’t as dangerous as the flow of negative thoughts that it can activate in your head. It’s the negative thoughts that make us unhappy and bring harm to ourselves, not the events.

Most people are used to reacting with positive thoughts to positive events and negative thoughts to negative events.

Once you develop a habit of reacting positively to both positive and negative events, you will get into the fast lane towards the life of your dreams because we draw what we think about most of the time. You might think, “How can you react positively to negative events?”

Firstly, when people do bad things to you, always forgive them instantly and tell yourself, “I forgive this person and wish him or her well.”

Of course, you can take actions to prevent these people from doing bad things to you again or avoid communicating with them in the future, but you need to forgive them quickly to stop a flow of harmful and destructive thoughts that may affect your future.

When you forgive people, it’s not they who benefit; it’s you who benefits.

Secondly, find something positive in every negative event and develop a mindset that everything in your life can help you fulfill your dreams in one way or another.

For example: You failed in business – “That’s OK, I learned a valuable lesson and will act better next time.” You need to wait for 10 hours at the airport – “Excellent! I will have time to read an interesting book.” Somebody swears at you – “I enjoy life, appreciate that most people around me don’t swear, and wish this person well.”

The One Thing You Can Control

Sure, unpleasant things that are out of your control occasionally happen, but there’s one thing you always have control over – your reaction. If you think negatively about adverse events, you draw even more bad things to your life.

Make a conscious decision to react positively to all negative events because of the following benefits: maintaining high self-confidence and motivation to take action, programming your subconscious mind to think about solutions rather than problems, and drawing good events.

This decision can reduce the number of unpleasant experiences in your life to a minimum and make you incredibly successful in achieving your goals.

Ignore the opinions of other people

When people hear about your goal and say, “It’s impossible,” “It’s unrealistic,” or “Here are ten reasons why it can’t be achieved,” thank them for their opinion, calculate the risks and never think about this feedback again.

If you become concerned about somebody saying, “You can’t,” you will activate a flow of negative thoughts in your head which will block creativity, lower motivation, draw failures and eventually bury your dream.

If having everyone believe in your idea was a requirement for success, nobody would ever be able to achieve anything.

Even the most successful ideas in the world, such as the telephone, radio, and The Beatles band, initially received negative feedback.