How to Attract Money and Wealth in your Life

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to attract money to your bank account?

For the record, there should be millions of people who would like to know – based on the amount of poverty in our world today.

Many people are not aware of the fact that we humans have over 50,000 thoughts every single day.

Take a moment to stop and consider how many of those thoughts are that negative little voice repeating messages that run you down repeatedly.

Now imagine if you were to replace those negative thoughts with uplifting positive ones; what kind of impact would that have on your life?

This is the force behind learning how to attract money.

The Concept of Attracting Wealth

how to attract wealth and moneyThe notion of attracting wealth and money into your life comes from the idea of replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Previously, we mentioned the number of thoughts that run through a human mind every day.

The next question to ask is how many of these daily thoughts pertain to negative thoughts about money. People struggling with poverty obviously have lots of those negative thoughts about money – they have attracted poverty into their lives.

Yes, people are born and raised in difficult circumstances, while others are born into wealth and prosperity. Life is certainly not fair.

However, some people with large bank accounts suffer from poverty consciousness, while others live in poverty and enjoy prosperity consciousness.

The rich person who is mentally poor is trying their best to spend and burn away all their wealth, but oftentimes, there are wealthy family members who keep bailing them out.

Otherwise, they would be poor already.

Then there is the poor person who banks 10% of everything they earn, and when they make purchases, the items bring quality into their lives.

Over time their wealth level increased because they are gradually learning how to attract money and wealth.

Assessing Your Current Wealth Level

If you truly believe that money is the root of all evil, or that money makes you mean and vicious, or that money is very hard to get, or that people with money must have used evil means to get it, or that people with money are very selfish, then you will not enjoy very much prosperity in your life.

You must properly manifest your desires.

If you complain a lot about having no money, they are going to have even more poverty in the future. As a matter of fact, whenever you begin obsessing about things you do not have in your life, then you will, in all likelihood, not have them.

For example, you might say, “I desire to be powerful, whole, and complete within myself,” and “I do not wish to end up being sad and lonely”.

These statements might seem like two different ways of saying the very same thing. However, they are not the same as your subconscious mind.

In fact, your subconscious mind sees it as two opposite statements.

The subconscious does not see a difference between “I wish” and “I do not wish.” It merely hears “powerful whole and completes” and “sad and lonely.”

Thus, if you want to learn how to attract money and wealth, you must do it properly.

When you begin looking at wealth as just energy that can effortlessly flow into your life, you will be amazed at how quickly and easily it will turn up.


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The Right Mindset about Money

how to attract money and wealthHopefully, you are beginning to see why it is important to understand the mindset you must have to attract wealth.

Whenever we attempt to implement wealth attraction methods, we must understand that anyone who tries to learn how to attract money must think about it all the time.

Since we now know that our thoughts will attract results, this is exactly what must happen.

Also, it is very important that these thoughts are not objective. What do we mean by objective thoughts?

Well, if you think about a specific amount of money you will earn on a certain project, then you are thinking objectively.

You have to look and think beyond the dollars; otherwise, you are having only objective thoughts. You must look deeper than the numbers if you really want to learn how to attract money into your life.

The reverse of this is that you should have subjective thoughts. Do not focus your thoughts on the cash itself; instead, have thoughts regarding the things you have to do to attract the money to you.

This means thinking about things like the quality you are bringing into the lives of others in exchange for wealth. Or how you are improving your community – which brings wealth to you.

Whenever you understand the difference between objective and subjective thoughts in regard to wealth, you begin improving your ability in regard to how to attract money and wealth in your life.

A person that believes in the Law of Attraction approach to attracting wealth will not say, “I have to sell out my coaching program because I need to make money.”

Instead, that person should say something like, “I need to give value to my coaching students so that I can earn money.”

A person who has faith in the methods that illustrate how to attract money and wealth to their life will usually be honest with themselves as they know what is required to earn money.

They refuse to put stock in quick-fix solutions and typically opt for long-term solutions that bring quality. This must be your mindset in regard to money as well.

Do not think about ways you can bring in more money; instead, you need to think about what you have to do to allow wealth to flow in your life.

7 Steps for Attracting Money and Wealth

Many of us like to have a specific step-by-step method to guide us along. Listed below are some great steps to help you learn how to attract money and wealth.

1) Understand that you are worthy of happiness

A huge part of attracting wealth is the belief that you deserve to be happy. This does not mean you are entitled to be happy.

The keywords here are “worthy” and “deserving”. The whole secret to creating happiness starts with how we view ourselves. And this is enforced every single day by our morning ritual.

The other steps we are presenting here do not address the belief that you have to feel worthy of being happy. In order to make this happen in your life, you must first let go of all the shame and guilt that you feel about your past.

2) Focus on the things you have right now

Too many of us focus on the things we do not have or the things that we have lost. This terrible state of mind guarantees future negativity in your life.

It actually acts as a repellant against the things that will bring you true happiness.

Instead, you must realize and focus on the things that you presently possess. As you look at the things you already have in your life, start allowing yourself to feel grateful for those things.

3) Stop the “victim” cycle 

A big part of poverty consciousness is the constant feeling of being a victim or helpless about all the bad things happening to you.

This victim cycle is what keeps you trapped in the gravitational pull of poverty.

It is virtually impossible to attract wealth or anything else that is positive into your life whenever your emotional space is filled with the words, “I can’t”.

Commit now to end all the excuses about the things you cannot do and start using the words I can. Realize that you CAN attract money and wealth because you are worthy of happiness.

4) Get rid of envy 

Experiencing envy and jealousy about someone else’s possessions means your mind is on negative things. Just because another person drives a nice car doesn’t always mean they have a lot of money or are wealthy.

This is why jealousy is a useless emotion. It doesn’t always reflect the actual situation – it is only your perception is a situation.

Make it a point to get rid of your envy and replace it with joy. Start being joyful about the nice things another person has. Learn to be genuinely happy for them and their accomplishments.

Celebrate their joys with them, and they will celebrate your joys in return. This is truly how to attract money and wealth.

Get rid of your negative energy and embrace peace.

5) Learn to respect the power of money

Understand that wealth and money are simply the byproducts of hard work. When you start disrespecting money, you are actually disrespecting yourself.

Having a healthy respect for money means that you keep it organized. It means that you track it daily. It means that you recognize the fact that money has both restorative and destructive power.

Whenever money is managed properly, it will grow and take care of you and your loved ones for many years.

When it is disrespected, it will negatively affect your future. When you respect your money, it means that you are not using it to boost your self-esteem by spending it needlessly.

6) Study wealth

Bringing money and wealth into your life means that you have gone beyond wishful thoughts. It illustrates that you have decided to learn everything possible about money and the way wealth is grown.

When you examine all the proper practices, beliefs, and habits of enlightened people that have attracted wealth, you learn to do this in your own life. These become your teachers.

Realize that people with true wealth are not wearing flashy jewelry, driving expensive cars, or even wearing designer clothes.

Actually, most millionaires are big-time budgeters who created their wealth and riches over time.

7) Give your money away

This final step pertains to your spiritual power when it comes to money. Whenever we give money to others that are less fortunate, we are replenishing the human spirit.

You must not hoard money; if you do, it will find a way to leave you anyway.

You must learn to be empathetic about the plight of your fellow humans who are in need. Start focusing on what you can do for them.

Find ways to donate your time and money to help others – it will reward you in countless ways.

Final Thoughts on Attracting Wealth

The fact is that it’s not a coincidence that you decided to read this article. You should know by now that you have the power to attract wealth into your life – starting right now.

These seven (7) steps are very simple to understand but require some discipline to follow. If you decide to devote yourself to improving your life, then you have the recipe before you now.

Finally, you know the path how to attract money and wealth, so why not begin the process immediately?  Do not delay what could be yours any further.

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