How To Get Rid Of Tanning Bed Smell

Are you familiar with that peculiar smell after using the tanning bed and wondering how to get rid of it? It’s not just your imagination; a mystifying odor often comes about due to a chemical reaction between UV radiation and substances like sweat or oil on your skin.

Our comprehensive guide is here to offer practical solutions on how to eliminate this tanning bed smell, ensuring that you can enjoy a more pleasant post-tan experience. Stick around as we reveal all the secrets behind an odor-free tan!

Causes of Tanning Bed Smell

A chemical reaction, poor cleaning and disinfection, inadequate ventilation, and dirty tanning bed filters cause the tanning bed smell.

Chemical reaction

Chemical reactions play a key role in causing the unpleasant tanning bed smell. UV radiation from the tanning bed interacts with sweat and oils on your skin. This interaction triggers specific chemical processes, producing an odor many people liken to burnt skin.

Even though this process is natural and expected when using a tanning bed, it doesn’t make the resulting smell any less disagreeable. Thankfully, there are various ways to reduce or eliminate this smell following your tanning session.

Poor cleaning and disinfection of tanning beds

Ignoring proper cleaning and disinfecting tanning beds contributes significantly to the smell many people associate with tanning salons. Dirt, sweat, body oils, and residual tanning products can accumulate on bed surfaces after each use.

These residues undergo a chemical reaction under ultraviolet rays from the tanning process, leading to an unpleasant odor.

Inadequate cleaning leaves behind bad smells and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. Exposure to these microbes poses potential health risks beyond just bad odors.

Therefore, regular thorough sanitization of tanning beds is crucial for maintaining hygiene standards and keeping the stench at bay.

Inadequate ventilation

Inadequate ventilation plays a critical role in the persistence of a tanning bed smell. Tanning beds create heat; this warm environment is ideal for unpleasant odors to build up and linger.

Proper air circulation helps dissipate these smells effectively, keeping your tanning bed smelling fresh. Too often, people overlook the importance of proper ventilation when wondering how to get rid of tanning bed smell.

It’s not enough to clean and disinfect; without adequate airflow, those odors can remain trapped in the area around your tanning bed. Ensuring good ventilation will help neutralize any lingering bad smells after you’ve cleaned up post-tan.

Dirty tanning bed filters

Dirty tanning bed filters can contribute to the unpleasant smell of tanning beds. When the filters become clogged with dirt, sweat, and oils from previous sessions, they are less effective in trapping odors.

This can result in a lingering odor transferred to your skin during each session. To prevent this, regularly checking and cleaning your tanning bed filters is essential. Doing so can ensure proper ventilation and reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant smell during or after tanning.

Solutions to Get Rid of Tanning Bed Smell

To eliminate tanning bed smell, try cleaning and disinfection, improved ventilation, odor absorbing products, changing and cleaning filters, air fresheners or deodorizers, using antibacterial soap after tanning, and utilizing vanilla or citrus scents.

Want to learn more about these solutions? Keep reading!

Proper cleaning and disinfection

To get rid of the tanning bed smell, it’s essential to focus on proper cleaning and disinfection. Regularly cleaning the tanning bed surfaces with mild soap and warm water can help remove any built-up oils and sweat contributing to the odor.

Additionally, using a disinfectant specifically designed for tanning beds can help eliminate bacteria and reduce the smell. Taking these steps will create a more pleasant experience and ensure a hygienic environment for your tanning sessions.

Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial in getting rid of the tanning bed smell. Good airflow helps to prevent odors from lingering and ensures that any chemicals or sweat evaporate quickly.

When using a tanning bed, ensure the room has proper ventilation, such as windows or fans, to promote air circulation. This will help to eliminate the unpleasant odor and create a more comfortable environment for your tanning experience.

Additionally, maintaining clean filters in the tanning bed can also contribute to better air quality and reduce any lingering smells.

Odor absorbing products

One effective solution to get rid of the tanning bed smell is to use odor-absorbing products. These products are specifically designed to neutralize unpleasant odors, leaving a fresh and clean scent behind.

You can find a variety of options in the market, such as sprays, gels, or sachets that can be placed near the tanning bed or inside it. Regularly using these odor-absorbing products can significantly reduce the lingering smell and enjoy a more pleasant tanning experience.

Changing and cleaning tanning bed filters

Regularly changing and cleaning tanning bed filters is essential to eliminate the lingering smell caused by trapped sweat, oils, and debris. Clogged filters can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, contributing to unpleasant odors.

Maintaining clean filters ensures proper airflow in the tanning bed, allowing fresh air to circulate and reducing musty or stagnant smells. Remember to check your tanning bed’s manual for specific instructions on how often to change the filters and the appropriate cleaning methods.

Air fresheners or deodorizers

Air fresheners or deodorizers can be an effective solution for getting rid of the unpleasant smell associated with tanning beds. These products are designed to neutralize odors, leaving a fresh and clean scent in the air.

You can quickly eliminate any lingering smells by simply spraying or placing an air freshener near the tanning bed. Look for deodorizers formulated to combat tough odors and have long-lasting effects.

This way, you can enjoy your tanning experience without worrying about unwanted smells.

In addition to using air fresheners or deodorizers, taking other preventative measures is essential. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting the tanning bed, ensuring proper ventilation, changing and cleaning filters, and using antibacterial soap after tanning can all help minimize odor buildup.

Antibacterial soap after tanning

Using antibacterial soap after tanning can be an effective way to minimize the smell that lingers. When you tan, your skin may sweat and produce oils, leading to a lingering odor. Using antibacterial soap, you can thoroughly cleanse your skin and eliminate any bacteria that may contribute to the smell.

Choosing a mild soap and washing your body with warm water is essential to remove any residue on the skin. Taking this step after tanning can help leave you feeling fresh and odor-free.

Vanilla and citrus to reduce odors

Using vanilla and citrus can be effective in reducing odors from tanning beds. The pleasant scents of vanilla and citrus help to mask the unpleasant smell that may linger after tanning.

Vanilla has a warm and comforting scent, while citrus fruits like oranges and lemons have a refreshing and energizing aroma. These natural ingredients provide a pleasant fragrance and properties that can help neutralize or absorb odors.

Adding a few drops of vanilla extract or using citrus-scented air fresheners can make your tanning experience more enjoyable by eliminating unwanted smells.

Preventive Measures to Minimize Odor

To minimize odor, wear freshly washed clothing and rinse off sweat immediately after tanning. Regularly check the tanning bed filters and avoid applying lotions or perfumes before bed use.

Additionally, it’s best to avoid using tanning beds in sweltering conditions.

Wear freshly washed clothing

Wearing freshly washed clothing is essential in minimizing the tanning bed smell. When you wear clean clothes, you reduce the chance of any residual sweat or oils contributing to the unpleasant odor.

Starting with a fresh base can help prevent unwanted smells from clinging to your skin after using a tanning bed. So, wash and change into clean clothes before your tanning session for a fresher experience.

It’s worth noting that the reaction between UV radiation and the oils and sweat on your skin can contribute to that lingering smell. However, wearing freshly washed clothing minimizes this reaction and keeps unpleasant odors at bay.

Rinse off sweat immediately

To minimize the tanning bed smell, it’s essential to rinse off sweat immediately after tanning. Sweat can contribute to the odor when it mixes with UV radiation and oils on your skin.

By rinsing off sweat immediately, you can prevent these substances from lingering and causing a pungent smell. Use warm water and mild soap while showering to remove any sweat residue effectively.

Keeping your skin clean and sweat-free will help reduce the unpleasant scent associated with tanning beds.

Check tanning bed filters regularly

Regularly checking the filters in your tanning bed is crucial to maintaining a fresh and clean environment. Dirty filters can trap debris, sweat, and oil, contributing to the unpleasant smell and reducing the tanning bed’s efficiency.

By inspecting and cleaning the filters regularly, you can ensure they are free from dirt and contaminants, allowing for proper air circulation and minimizing odor. Taking this proactive step will help keep your tanning sessions enjoyable and odor-free.

Do not apply lotions or perfumes before tanning

Applying lotions or perfumes before tanning can contribute to the unpleasant smell that lingers afterward. These products can react with UV radiation and sweat on the skin, creating a more pungent odor.

It is best to avoid using any scented products before tanning to minimize the after-tan smell. Instead, opt for clean, dry skin before your tanning session to help reduce any unwanted odors.

Avoid using tanning beds in very hot conditions

Using tanning beds in very hot conditions can intensify the smell after tanning. When the temperature is high, our bodies tend to sweat more, which can mix with the UV radiation from the tanning bed and create a more pungent odor.

Avoid using tanning beds when it’s boiling outside; it is best to minimize this smell. Instead, wait for a cooler day or opt for other methods of achieving a sun-kissed glow.

By avoiding tanning beds in very hot conditions, you can reduce the intensity of the post-tan odor and have a more pleasant experience overall.

In addition to minimizing odor, avoiding very hot conditions when using tanning beds also has other benefits. High temperatures can increase your risk of overheating or dehydration inside the bed.


In conclusion, getting rid of tanning bed smell is possible by following a few simple steps. Properly cleaning and disinfecting the tanning bed, ensuring adequate ventilation, using odor-absorbing products, and changing and cleaning the filters regularly can all help eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Additionally, practicing preventive measures like rinsing off sweat immediately after tanning and avoiding lotions or perfumes can further minimize the smell. With these solutions, you can enjoy your tanning experience without lingering odors.


1. Why does my tanning bed have a strong smell?

The strong smell in your tanning bed is often caused by the buildup of sweat, lotions, and oils on the surface.

2. How can I eliminate the smell from my tanning bed?

You can eliminate the smell from your tanning bed by regularly cleaning it with a mild soap or disinfectant cleaner and wiping down surfaces thoroughly.

3. Can I use air fresheners to get rid of the tanning bed smell?

While air fresheners may temporarily mask the odor, they are ineffective in eliminating the underlying cause of the smell. Cleaning is necessary for long-term odor removal.

4. Is there any specific product I should use to clean my tanning bed?

A mild soap or disinfectant cleaner that is safe for use on upholstery and non-porous surfaces is recommended for cleaning your tanning bed effectively.

5. How frequently should I clean my tanning bed to prevent odors?

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent odors from developing in your tanning bed. If you notice any lingering smells, try to clean it at least once a week or more frequently.