Here are 5 Powerful Ways to Find Inner Peace

If there’s a common quest that every human being that’s ever lived has shared, it is the search for inner peace. Many label this as happiness, but it’s really the same thing.

What’s interesting is how the quest for finding inner peace remains hidden and disguised within ourselves – sometimes for our entire life. But in the end, this is what we seek.

The allure of the external

When we’re younger, we tend to search for things outside of ourselves. We think we’ll find it by seeking things like wealth, an influential career, a big fine house, and even a gorgeous companion.

Yet when we actually achieve some of those things, what happens? That’s right; we still lack inner peace and happiness. So some of us resort to more damaging measures to change our state of mind – things like drugs, alcohol, and sex.

But it’s not enough – just look at the lives of celebrities who have all those great things like fame, wealth, and notoriety – that we think will make us complete.

For many of us, we finally learn these lessons during our golden years, when we’ve accumulated many decades of wisdom. And we understand the most important things, and we wished we’d known back then what we know today.

Proven ways to achieve inner calm

Why not learn some wisdom now? Regardless of your age, you only have to be willing to do a few simple things to feel more peaceful tomorrow than you are right now.

Don’t compare your inner peace to other people’s; focus only on feeling more peace with each new day. That’s the only comparison you’ll ever need to make.

Now let us examine the ways to feel more inner peace. Yes, they are simple and perhaps anti-climactic, but the magic lies in doing them daily and letting them gradually transform you.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing has always been an elixir for many things across many generations. It will not only increase your calm, but it can relieve pain as well for advanced users. Breathing exercises also stimulate your lymphatic system, increases your immunity and your energy level.

The key is maintaining a rhythm and focusing more on exhaling. Generally speaking, your exhale should be slightly longer than your inhale so that fresh new oxygen enters your body and bloodstream.

Those who are well versed in deep breathing in forms of meditation have been known to lower blood pressure, hypertension, and mental stress very quickly.

Declutter your surroundings

While this may sound outrageous, your surroundings have a profound effect on your psyche. If you spend lots of time cluttered in the environment, your internal mentality will also feel cluttered.

Chaos and complexity may amaze us on a scientific level, but many powerful societies throughout history have collapsed from becoming too complicated.

You can significantly simplify your life through decluttering and organization. When you do this, you remove the random thoughts and “danglers” that constantly muddle your mind.

Some people try to impress others by embracing complexity because they think it makes them look intelligent. However, living with inner peace will impress them more, and you will become even more intelligent because your mind will be less strained, and you’ll be more able to learn more.

Spend time in nature

Humans originated within nature, and so it makes sense that we belong there. But, for many generations, we have grown beyond the hunting and gathering phase that our ancestors lived through.

But in the end, our true sense of self is deeply connected with nature. This is why we see parks in the middle of today’s major cities – it’s a way to connect a little with nature without leaving the city. Also, it’s not a coincidence that most audio today that is created for relaxation purposes are sounds of nature.

Some of us spend far more time in nature than others, but all of us need nature just the same.

A powerful says made by Ralph Waldo Emerson tells it best, “In the woods, we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befall me in life – no disgrace, no calamity (leaving me my eyes) – which nature cannot repair.”

Avoid constant self-blame

Do you sometimes wonder why things never appear to go right? If so, it may be time to stop blaming yourself and start turning things around in your life.

Consistent self-blame usually results from an inability to accept responsibility for specific outcomes. It can be challenging to balance helpful self-evaluation and downright negative self-talk, but it is possible.

What matters is how it affects our actions in the future. If we blame ourselves for every mistake (even if we are partially responsible), what we tell ourselves can become a tendency to repeat these mistakes or not try again at all.

Blaming yourself for everything can affect your self-esteem and mental health. Whether it is a relationship or an accident, you should not think of yourself as the only criminal.

Individuals with a strong mentality take responsibility. They acknowledge responsibility for their poor choices but also recognize other factors beyond their control. Some of these factors include other people’s choices, the weather, the economy, etc.

Quit being the victim

Do you think your environment prevents you from performing well? There is no point in blaming others for your problems.

Regardless of external circumstances, you can always find a solution. Living a responsible life is crucial.

Despite tragic circumstances, it is essential to acknowledge your choices. Consider the factors you can control.

You shouldn’t squander any of your time and effort on pity parties. It is common for people to waste time trying to impress others. Instead, make sure you feel comfortable in your own skin. Keep a positive attitude and live your values.

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