Healthy Bodies and Minds Work Together

Why not align your actions and thoughts as you go about your daily lives?

Can you think of anything as powerful as using these two forces in tandem? Why your body and mind are linked and clicking together, then you were unstoppable, my friend.

Just understand that there’s needs to be a starting point – or a leader if you will. Some of us begin with a strong mind and then our body catches up. Others start with a healthy body and then become mentally stronger over time.

Most likely, one of those two will remain the stronger of the two, but that’s okay – just get them working in unison – that’s the important thing.

What I have always found interesting is how when someone finally achieving that nagging goal – like losing 30 pounds, or getting that degree – they often talk about how much easier it was to achieve than what their own fears had told them all those years. I put myself in that category.


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