Great Tips from a Law of Attraction Coach

Oftentimes, a Law of Attraction coach is asked, “What exactly is the Law of Attraction?”

So what is all the fuss about anyway?

This Law of Attraction is better understood by first understanding the popular concept that states ‘like attracts like’. A Law of Attraction coach knows that this statement is actually a universal law. And to take the idea further, it can be said that every one of us possesses the ability and power to attract things into our lives with our thoughts and our intentions. And this means that even if we are aware of it or not, we are the ones who are responsible for attracting everything into our lives right – both the positive things and unfortunately, the negative things as well.

Using a Law of Attraction Coach

A key idea that a Law of Attraction coach will attempt to do is to make you aware of and making you understand this universal law. Thus, you must be aware of where you are placing your focus at any given time. This is simply because your focus and concentration right now is having a very critical impact on what will happen to you in the very near future.

So in a nutshell, if you are spending the majority of your time wallowing in regrets over the past or feeling anxiety about the future, then you will probably see lots of negativity coming your way. However, if you are focusing on the great things that are occurring in your life and do not let the bad things get you down, then you will probably experience some positive things in your life.

You should be celebrating this fact because it means that you are no longer a victim. It means that you now have control over your life – you really do. This powerful and reliable Law of Attraction should inspire and encourage you to start taking charge of life and have a say in how your future is going to shake out. You get to shape your life into whatever you choose.

So now that we know this law is true, a Law of Attraction coach will usually show you some great techniques that you can immediately use to begin manifesting the life of your dreams. However, you have to keep in mind that every little thing you say or do is manifesting. Please understand that it is not only all the things you are doing on purpose, it is also about the way you talk, the way you think, and the way you are living your life.

How to Attract Money

how to attract moneyThe fact is that all of us are connected. When you consider that on the sub-atomic plane, the building blocks of matter that built us have also built the entire universe, so we are actually intertwined with everything around us on this level.

And everything we see has been constructed of this same matter, and if we could see on a sub-atomic level, we might have difficulty distinguishing one form from another form – regardless of what it was. A good Law of Attraction coach would be quick in pointing this out.

This means that all of us have come from the same energy source. And this energy source is a single one that can be traced back to the beginning of our universe and the beginning of time as we know it.

This single energy source that spawned us has undergone many random mutations that we like to call evolution. This process has made us unique in a variety of ways. One of the things that bind all of us is money. We must understand that money is actually our own creation and we have chosen to put a value on it. But the real value exists in what we exchange our money for.

There is a general belief that it is virtually impossible to manifest money and abundance into a person’s life simply by using the Law of Attraction. However, a Law of Attraction coach will quickly point out that whenever people decide to use the manifestation techniques to move them towards more financial prosperity, they are often very pleased with the windfalls that come into their lives.

It is hard for people to believe that any of us can manifest wealth and riches into our lives by simply expecting and believing it will happen. Hoping and wishing certainly won’t work. The whole concept of the Law of Attraction is predicated on the expectation of a specific outcome. This is certainly not some pseudoscience or anything of the sort; this stuff is exact and real. And there happens to be a very precise way to attract pretty much any amount of money into your life over time by properly using these methods.

As any Law of Attraction coach will tell you, the key of in the belief and your expectation about the outcome. You must not waver in how you feel about this and you must not get discouraged either, simply expect that your desire will come to pass eventually. Yes, there is no doubt that it might take much longer to manifest than you would like, but this is quite alright and quite normal. It only illustrates the impatience of humans.

Manifesting Money in Your Life

If you are truly serious about attracting wealth and abundance in your life, then let us look at three (3) basic steps you can take according to a Law of Attraction coach:

1) Know It Will Eventually Happen

The very first step for manifesting money in your life is something that we have already mentioned many times in this article, and it is through knowing that your desired outcome will eventually happen. Think about it, how can you anticipate it to happen if you truly don’t know (or believe), in your heart, that it will indeed come to pass. You must know it will happen and you must own it.

You must consider this fact. The average mind of a human has around 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts on any given day. Consider how many of these have been negative thoughts in your own mind. Now, what if all of a sudden you began having 70,000 positive thoughts every day? Can you see the power of this?

2) Begin Planning for Your Expected Outcome

Every single thing in our lives is nothing more than the result of our previous thoughts and decisions. We have literally manufactured the world in which we live. Our homes, our jobs, our friends, our achievements, and our belongings all came directly from our previous thoughts. Doesn’t this illustrate how powerful our expectations are?

So imagine for a moment what can happen when we begin preparing ourselves for an outcome we are expecting to have. It shouldn’t be hard, should it? Because we have been doing it all our lives. This is what any Law of Attraction coach would tell you.

You have to realize by now that things are coming into our lives – whether we like it or not – we just have to decide what those things are going to be. So we must begin expecting an outcome and begin to apply our energies toward that end.

So when you expect to have more wealth in your life, you are going to have to begin planning for that occasion. Why not begin touring open houses in that neighborhood that you are dying to live in? Why not test drive that car you have dreamed about? Start looking at dream vacations that you have been wanting to take. Plan these things and let reality occur in your life.

3) Envision It Already Happening

visualize your wealthAnother way that a Law of Attraction coach would advise you to manifest money is to simply visualize it occurring in your life. And the more fully and deeply you can see it, the more likely it will occur.

Many times, we are not able to envision great things in our lives simply because we are afraid of being disappointed later. This is exactly how and why we have imposed self-limitations and self-sabotage in our lives which are preventing us from reaching our goals and dreams.

While planning will certainly help you in expecting an outcome, you still need to be able to see it happening in your mind. There is great power in doing this because you can engage so many of your senses.

When you visualize the final outcome, you can play around with the actual picture in your mind. For instance, you can make it bigger – like 20 feet tall, or you can add vibrant colors. You can also add sounds or make it a movie. If you play around with these images, you will discover ways to make the image more intense, and this will make it feel more real to you. Each of us are different in the ways our mental pictures motivate us. Discover your preferred image type and you will experience it in a much deeper way.

How to Attract Love

All of us should actually how to love present in many facets of our daily lives, even if we are not willing to acknowledge that. This is simply because love shouldn’t ever be underestimated in how important its presence is in our lives and our general well-being. All of our true and authentic joys come from some element of love. Using a Law of Attraction coach can be very helpful with this area of your life.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking your soulmate, attempting to nourish the love inside of an existing relationship, or you are simply basking in the love within a vibrant network of family and friends who are very loving. It’s not that uncommon for us to get bogged down with feelings of negativity in regards to the love (or lack of love) in our lives.

Sadly, it is our fears and our preoccupations with love that makes some of us feel “doomed” or “snake bit” in some way, or that we have to redeem ourselves for some reason. And this mysterious force is keeping love from entering our lives.

Common Relationship Mistakes

Are you guilty of standing in your own way when it comes to your chances for true love and lifelong happiness?

Our Law of Attraction coach would tell us that after we’ve decided to open up our minds to the teachings of the Law of Attraction, and the huge role it plays in our lives, we can certainly make things easier for ourselves. We can begin identifying all the ways that we have been subconsciously shutting ourselves down from seeing any opportunities at all of discovering the love that so many of us crave.

By now, most of us should know already that we have the power to manifest many things in our lives. We just have to turn our thoughts and feelings around and get them working for us and not against us in regards to our love lives. There are obviously many negative emotions about love that have been prominent in our thoughts. Your Law of Attraction coach or partner will help you identify these.


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Actually, there are lots of common traps that we fall into whenever we attempt to apply the rules of attraction to love. One of the most common mistakes for those who are struggling with love is that they tend to see themselves in a very bad light. Whether this is because of your appearance, or your struggles with finding a soulmate, or even your poor history of failed relationships, when you have no self-love, then you are actually inadvertently blocking the path for other people to express their affection towards you.

Whenever you choose to remain in this endless cycle of negativity and you choose to dwell on things that really aren’t true, instead of focusing on the things that could be a part of your life, you make it hard for the universe to figure out what you truly want. If you are not clear about what you want, then how could it ever become a reality? Maybe you need a Law of Attraction coach if you are struggling in seeing this.

Whenever we keep focusing on the bad relationships and the bad luck we’ve constantly had, then we are actually telling the universe to give us more of the same. This keeps you from getting what you truly deserve.

Removing Love Barriers

how to find loveIf you want to let a Law of Attraction coach help you bring love into your life, then they will tell you that you must first begin removing the barriers that you have built against it. Our Law of Attraction coach would then tell you to start practicing self-love. As we pointed out in the last section, you just can’t keep focusing on the bad relationships you have had in the past.

You should begin by listing all the things that you really love about yourself – and you need to start focusing on these things. We do this because these things are the reasons why other people love us now and why our future soulmates will love us too.

And after we make this list, then we need to ask our closest friends and loved ones what they love about us too. We do this because they will see things that you don’t. The things they tell you are additional reasons why others love us. This will make our list complete.

Now we need to read this list every single day. That’s right, every single day we are going to read this list. And when we do, we begin loving ourselves again – and it will feel great.

Next, we begin removing the physical barriers we have built against love. We start by throwing away the objects we have from our last relationships. We are not talking about pieces of furniture; we are talking about keepsakes that have meanings of attachments to them. Your Law of Attraction coach could help you, but you probably already know what they are.

Finally, start making room in your living space for another person. Make a little extra room in your closets and your drawers. Try to anticipate the kinds of things your new soulmate is going to need in your living space. You must begin welcoming him or her into your life.

How to Attract Weight Loss 

Many of us are seeking out a Law of Attraction coach to help us reach our weight loss goals. A common question we get is whether or not the Law of Attraction can help us achieve a slim and healthy figure. The answer is most assuredly yes.

In fact, many people have found that they lose weight much faster and more effectively by attracting it naturally into their lives. There is no doubt that healthy balanced diets and exercising routinely are important, but it is the mindset, the attitude, and our beliefs that help us eventually lose weight.

Steps for Attracting Weight Loss

1) Stop the Cycle

how to lose weightWhen we are overweight, it means that something is not right in our lives – and we have chosen to overeat to compensate for that. Many of us need to lose weight, so it is a very common problem in our society. And sadly, it is a very painful and emotional topic for many of us – to the point that we have attached things like shame, guilt, and regret to our bodies.

In most cases, we find ourselves literally trapped in a horrible cycle of overeating and then feeling bad about ourselves. And if that wasn’t bad enough, we see pictures of others in our daily media that show us the way we are supposed to look. The people in those images are always healthier, happier, and thinner.

So whenever we see all these pictures, we naturally compare ourselves and wonder why we can’t measure up to them. Then we feel bad about ourselves. And then sometimes we have people around us that point out the flaws we are already aware of “in order to help us“. Many of them are just cruel – to put it bluntly.

This often just makes us eat even more because food is the way we deal with things. Eating all that delicious foods, the great-tasting snacks, and treats will make us feel a little better for the moment. But we then feel bad again.

How do we break this awful cycle?

We can start by removing the things that are making us feel bad. The images that we can’t measure up to, and exposure to the cruel people in our lives are great places to start. In addition, we can start spending time in places and with people who make us feel good about ourselves. We need environments that are non-judgmental, where we are accepted as we are.

The next thing is to quit criticizing yourself and realize that you are a worthy person. A Law of Attraction coach can help you with this.

2) Begin Feeling Good About You

Now is the time to begin focusing on the great things you have to offer. Listen to things that your supportive friends (who really love you) say they like about you. Begin acknowledging these things and learn to accept compliments with grace by saying “thank you” – instead of trying to downplay them.

You have to understand that for some reason the world has taught us to be apologetic and to run ourselves down. And for some reason, we shouldn’t really love ourselves at all because that’s being arrogant and cocky. We are expected to look at others and feel envious. Why?

Do not attach your self-worth to your weight. Do not let yourself only feel good if you have lost weight. Not true – you are you whether you have lost the weight or not. That is what your friends and loved ones see.

When you have a handle on this new approach, you will begin seeing the unique things you have to offer. The world doesn’t need copies of those people in the images who are thinner and healthier – it already has one. But the world only has one of you and that is what it truly needs.

Cultivate the things you do very well because that is what you are offering the world around you. That is what others will love about you. A Law of Attraction coach will help reveal these things to you

3) Realize that you are already in control

The Law of Attraction is a truly wonderful thing. It gives you control over your life above all else. We have emphasized many times already that all of our experiences at this moment, as well as future moments, are the result of our very own thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. We can make our lives either good or bad!

So in the end, if you are feeling very good, and you are thinking and acting positively, then you will get good things in your life. Conversely, if you choose to think about negative things, choose to feel bad, and start doing things that you shouldn’t do, then you’ll surely attract more of the same bad things into your life.

The Law of Attraction is a magnet that attracts the things it seeks. It is not judging you, it only reacts to your thoughts, emotions, and actions. A Law of Attraction coach can reaffirm what this powerful law can do for you, and that it really is giving you control over your own life. And you can use it to lose weight too.

If you choose to see yourself as feeling healthier and living healthier, then you will begin living healthier. You will naturally start choosing to eat less of the bad foods that are causing you to gain weight, and you start eating healthier foods. When you feel healthy and have a healthy mindset, then you will make better decisions in regard to your diet.

A Law of Attraction coach will often say that whenever overweight people finally get the right attitude about their health, they quit being obsessed about what the scales say. Instead, they focus on how they feel about themselves and the scale takes care of itself.

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