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Our unique life skills are how we interact with the world around us. The more of these like skills that we have, the more rewarding our lives can be.

What are heuristics and why do we keep using heuristics?

what are heuristics

Heuristics are generalizations, or rules-of-thumb, that can help with problem-solving and probability judgments. These mental shortcuts reduce cognitive load but often result in irrational or inaccurate conclusions. What are heuristics? We have to solve many problems daily, some big and…

How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

eliminate negative thoughts

Your subconscious mind is programmed by your thoughts and is incredibly powerful in drawing what you think about most of the time to your life. It can eliminate negative thoughts if you let it or instruct it to do so.…

The Importance of Setting Intermediate Goals

setting intermediate goals

Setting objectives is one of the most certain methods to enhance your life, sense of well-being, and overall contentment. Many studies have shown that individuals who wrote down their goals were far more likely to achieve greater income levels than…