Top 10 Best Cold Press Juicers (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Are you looking for the best cold press juicers?

These cold pressed juicers are becoming incredibly popular – and for a good reason.

Personally, I love having cold press juice for many of my meals. I can really tell the difference in how I feel because of its health benefits.

But there are many other cold press juice benefits as well.

For instance, it is fast and convenient for those of us that have busy schedules. There are so many cold press juice recipes out there too. And you can always assemble a custom cold pressed juice of your own.

Most people think about using fresh fruit or vegetable in their cold pressed juicer, but you can add whatever you choose, like savory ingredients. And you can add whatever spices you love.

I like adding health supplements like protein powders and vitamins.

Listed below are my top 10 best cold pressed juicers’ reviews:

Top 10 Cold Pressed Juicers Reviewed in This Guide

Top 10 Best Cold Pressed Juicers Reviews List

1. Greater Goods Cold Pressed JuicerGreat Good Cold Pressed Juicer

This fantastic cold pressed juicer is a slow masticating model. It is a powerful, low-key, and easy to clean juicer. Its juice extractor provides the healthiest, most delicious fruit and vegetable juices.

You can drink your fruits and veggies with all your favorite stuff in this incredible cold press juicer.

You will get the maximum yield of delicious flavors and healthy nutrients whenever you use a slow, masticating juicer like this. Not all juicers on the market can make claims like these.

This unit will enhance your compact kitchen. Its design will easily fit into the scheme of your kitchen, taking up minimal space. It can fit under the counter, or its design will look good on your countertop, occupying very little space.

Cleaning this juicer is easy and straightforward. It is dishwasher-safe and very easy to assemble and deconstruct. Imagine having a cold press juicer machine like this that’s so easy to clean.

You can create delicious, healthy drinks and treats. Your juice options will be completely unlimited. Beyond all of your imagination, you can craft all sorts of delicious veggies, fruit, and food concoctions, and you can even go crazy and create your own nut or oat milk.

This cold press juicer is a wise investment in your family’s health.


2. FEZEN Cold Pressed JuicerFEZEN Cold Pressed Juicer

The FEZEN unit is a slow-masticating Juicer with 2 speeds and reverse control. It provides a high juice yield and great taste. It boasts an amazing celery juice maker and beetroot extractor for any high nutrient fruit and vegetable juice you desire.

Juice and pomace are quickly separated to give you the purest juice possible. Just think how healthy the juice you give your baby will be. This juice allows your family to have the most balanced diet imaginable.

FEZEN juicer is your best choice for healthy pure juice. This slow-chewing juicing machine will provide the highest nutritional benefit and excellent taste without adding water. When your juice is pure, you no longer have to deal with pulp and filtration.

This FEZEN juicer is incredibly simple to clean as it is crafted with one-touch disassembly and can be assembled and disassembled in seconds. All removable parts from this FEZEN juicer are constructed of high-quality food-grade material, which is 100% BPA. It is dishwasher safe, or you can use a cleaning brush that is provided.

Another great benefit of using this FEZEN is its silent operation. Its motor operates at sub-60dB juicing, so you can fix morning drinks without disturbing the rest of your family. This slow masticating juicer has a smaller feeding chute to keep your children from hurting themselves during juicing operations. Its user-friendly design lets your family use this FEZEN juicer machine to make their favorite juices daily.

Obviously, there are many solid reasons to choose this juicer.


3. KEDEMAS Cold Press Masticating JuicerKEDEMAS Cold Press Masticating Juicers

This KEDEMAS masticating juicer has been incredibly improved and has maintained its original appearance. It masticates at a slow speed of 80 rpm to separate marvelous juice and pulp for you and your family. Unlike other centrifugal juicers, it produces maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation, and most nutrition, less foaming, drier pulp, and even brighter colors.

The KEDEMAS Cold press juicer has a safety lock design and is easily assembled and disassembled in minutes for your convenience. You will surely enjoy how its reverse function prevents residue from sticking to help you clean it.

It also comes with a unique cleaning brush, which enhances quick and easy cleaning. And every one of its detachable parts is also dishwasher safe.

It comes with a quiet and powerful 150W motor. Its motor has amazing noise reduction, yet is powerful enough to crush your firm carrots. A masticating juicer like this can run at low speeds, putting out less than 60dB of noise. This feature makes it perfect for early mornings when some family members are still sleeping.

Excellent Safe Design: This slow juicer machine has a safety lock design to keep users safe. It has a stable triangular body design, along with non-slip pads. Its removable parts are constructed of exceptionally high-quality and food-grade antioxidant material. It is also free of sharp blades to ensure your family members are safe while using it.

The one sure thing about the KEDEMAS Cold Press Juicer is you can’t be wrong with adding it to your kitchen.


4. CUSIMAX Cold Pressed JuicerCUSIMAX Juicer Machines

CUSIMAX slow masticating juicer lets you use fresh fruits and vegetables to make your own juice at home. Cold-pressed juice gives you a healthy, delicious alternative to shop-bought juice.

It offers a much more nutrient-rich juice with preserved enzymes and vitamins and doesn’t cause as much foam in your juice. Boost your immune system and enhance overall health together.

You will enjoy this unit’s variable juicing speed. Its low speed runs from 90 to 110 RPM for softer food like Grapes, Oranges, Strawberries, or tomatoes; while its high speed runs from 140 to 150 RPM for more complex food like cucumber, celery, beet, kale, ginger, and more.

This variable speed will let you handle the various thicknesses of different fruit and vegetables. The speed variation will be ideal for your own preference. It also has a reverse setting to help unblock your juicer.

With its upgraded 7-Spiral masticating screw system, this cold press juicer will quickly separate the pomace from the juice entirely and perfectly every time. It will give you a very high juice yield as it extracts up to 92% pure juice without adding water. In addition, the juicer has a motor overheat shutdown feature that will protect your investment.

This unit has a slim body that makes it simple and easy to stow away without taking up much space on your countertop or cupboard. The juicer can be quickly disassembled in seconds because of its one-touch assembly design, making it easy to clean. It offers safer use as the unit has a small feed chute preventing your young ones from getting hurt.

The CUSIMAX cold press slow juicer is an excellent addition to your kitchen.


5. Omega NC900HDC Cold Press JuicerOmega NC900HDC Cold Press Juicer

The Omega is a cold press slow juicer. This juicing machine operates at a very slow 80 RPM which will minimize the buildup of heat and oxidation. Its operation promotes optimal and maximum extraction of nutrients and healthy enzymes, giving you excellent health benefits.

This unit is a very versatile kitchen tool. It will turn nuts into delicious nut butter, grind coffee and spices, extrude pasta, mince garlic and herbs, make frozen desserts and baby food, and quickly whip up some soy milk for you and your family members. It is hard to find another kitchen device that would be more versatile than this cold pressed juicing machine and nutrition system.

A juicer that provides max flavor and nutrients, it employs the unique dual-stage masticating technology to create the maximum and optimal quantity of nutrients, flavor, vitamins, and juice from just a minimal quantity of fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, and leafy greens.

It was designed with 5 pressure settings that ensure maximum juice output and extraction. This model also has a system that automatically ejects pulp from your final juice to ensure you have the best and most pure juice possible.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this fantastic juicer is its easy use. It comes equipped with a very powerful but quiet gear reduction equivalent to a 2HP motor. This means your juicer will have ample torque to process the toughest ingredients while operating quietly enough not to wake your sleeping family members.

It would be an excellent choice to pick this cold pressed juicer for your family’s health.


6. Aobosi Slow Masticating JuicerAobosi Slow cold pressed Juicer

This fantastic juicer can extract all kinds of fruits and vegetables in just a few minutes. Many customers report that it really works great for veggies as it lets the juice keep its pure color and natural taste, meaning that its vitamins and nutrients are also in abundance. And you won’t have dirty hands or any splashing either.

You can be drinking a cup of great-tasting juice (with little pulp and foam) in just a few short seconds with this cold pressed juicer. With all these rich vitamins, you’ll be able to maintain a good figure and enhance your level of immunity. It’s perfect for people trying to lose weight, children, and the elderly.

The Aobosi is a slow masticating juicer that perfectly separates the juice from the pulp while it extracts higher-purity juice and preserves higher nutritional value for your family.

Its auger spins at 80 RPM, extracting as much as 20% more juice and 30% more mineral and vitamins. When you operate this juicer at its lower 80 rpm lower speed, there is very little build-up of heat build-up and much less oxidation. Also, a juice cup baffle helps separate juice and pulp even further.

You will go over the quiet operation of this cold press juicer. It also comes with intelligent protection chips, which make it stop automatically after 20 minutes of operation. Its 150W motor operates at less than 60 decibels of noise. It was designed with a small mouth to keep your hands from getting injured as you feed ingredients into the unit. Imagine having this quiet, cold-pressed juicer to make great juice to surprise your sleeping family members.

This juicing machine has a safety lock design, making it easy to assemble and disassemble within minutes. It also has a reverse setting to loosen ingredients that are stuck. Its detachable parts are high quality and constructed of food-grade anti-oxidation materials. It comes with a special brush that makes cleaning incredibly easy.


7. Omega J8006HDS Cold Pressed JuicerOmega J8006HDS Cold Press Machine

The Omega J8006HDA is a cold pressed juicer. This juice-making machine operates at a quiet and slow 80 RPM, minimizing heat buildup and oxidation. At the same time, it promotes a maximum amount of nutrient extraction and healthy enzymes.

A fantastic kitchen tool that does it all. This juicer can make amazing peanut butter or any other nut butter. You can grind your coffee or your spice, plus you can mince your garlic and your herbs. And you can make some baby food and tasty frozen desserts. This unit can even crank out soy milk with this versatile cold press juicer and nutrition system.

Enjoy juicing products with maximum flavor and nutrients. This juicing machine uses a triple-stage masticating technology to create the optimal quantity of vitamins, nutrients, juice, and flavor from several ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

It has an adjustable end cap and impressive 3 pressure settings designed to ensure that you maximize the output of juice. It also has a system that automatically ejects pulp while enjoying continuous juicing.

This cold press juicer is incredibly easy to use. It is equipped with a very powerful motor that is also quiet. Its juice maker generates ample torque to process tough and challenging ingredients.


8. Aucma Cold Pressed Juicer MachineAucma Cold Juicer Machine

The Aucma Cold Press juicer has a stronger upgraded 7-segment spiral drill. It provides maximum juice yield, its juice retains excellent nutritional content and reduces oxidation.

This amazing masticating juicer can create all kinds of juice from fibrous fruits and vegetables, such as celery, carrots, citrus, and wheatgrass. The unit perfectly separates pomace from its juice, providing healthy juices for you and your family members for fitness or leisure.

It was designed with small feeding chutes to ensure safe operation. It will also remove the seeds to remove any potential for bitter taste. This cold pressed juicer has a reverse function to avoid clogging.

The humanized, friendly design allows you and your entire family to make one another’s favorite juice with this excellent Aucma juicer together daily.

These Aucma cold press juicing machines have a low-noise design with a DC-type motor. Its working noise is under 60 db, allowing you to enjoy a quiet juicing moment without waking your baby. This juicer has intelligent protection chips, so it will stop automatically after every 20 minutes of operation to ensure a longer life of service.

The unit is constructed of 100% BPA-free materials, and its removable parts comprise high-quality food-grade antioxidant material. This incredible cold pressed juicer can be taken apart in seconds for easy cleaning.


9. Boly Cold Pressed JuicerBoly Cold Pressed Juicer

The Boly Cold Press Juicer easily creates excellent juice from vegetables and fruit. It has 2 speeds to extract juices from various vegetables and fruits. It has a soft mode where you can extract juice from tasty things like strawberries, kiwis, oranges, raspberries, grapes, and watermelons. Its hard mode creates juice from apples, celery stalks, and carrots.

This unit comes with numerous tasty juice recipes, so you will be able to enjoy all kinds of juices that are healthy.

Its slow extraction technology has an upgraded spiral auger with a PMMA material offering 7 Stage extraction to maximize the juice you create from minimal ingredients. This juicer quickly and perfectly removes the pulp from juice to maximize nutritional value.

Your juice retains 90% more of its nutrition. This juicer guarantees that you will retain essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients while it reduces clogging and foaming.

Every component of this juicer is BPA-free, ensuring the best juice every time. The reverse function allows you to release food ingredients in a juicer to eliminate clogging and will assist in keeping the unit clean. Its filter is made of food-grade stainless steel, allowing it to produce healthy juice that your entire family will adore.

It is amazingly easy to clean. The juicer’s touch button design lets you disassemble it in literally seconds. You’ll get a special cleaning brush that will allow you to clean the complete system in mere moments.

Its detachable parts are constructed of a material that is high quality food grade, and they are dishwasher-safe as well.


10. Tribest Solostar Cold Pressed JuicerTribest Solostar Cold Pressed Juicer

The amazing Tribest Solostar offers a breathtaking design with very intelligent engineering. It has a lovely body and an efficient drive system, providing more torque using less electrical power.

Its low-speed setting operates at 57 RPM, providing a cold-press squeezing function, and increases your juice yields to ensure you get an optimal daily intake of vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients.

It comes with one of the best horizontal augers that give your some of the best juice available. It will be worth your time to consider getting yourself one of these cold pressed juicers.

You will get higher-quality juice. This fantastic unit extracts more minerals, enzymes, and vitamins since it prevents heat and oxidation. The Solostar creates up to 40% more tasty juices from your favorite vegetable and fruits.

There is less jamming with its gear reduction equivalent to a 5.4 HP motor. Even its lower RPM will generate enough torque to crush hard vegetables like carrots or highly fibrous vegetables like celery. Not only will its higher torque prevent any jamming or unnecessary delays, but it will also reduce overall stress on the juicing machine.

It is incredibly versatile and has attachments that allow you to make sorbets, pastas, sauces, and nut butters.


Cold Pressed Juicer Buying Guide

What is Cold Pressed Juicers?

A cold pressed juicer is a specialized kitchen appliance that extracts the natural juice from fruits and vegetables through a slow-moving process. Unlike traditional juicers, cold pressed juicers do not produce heat or oxidation, resulting in a nutrient-dense and flavorful juice.

With a cold pressed juicer, users can customize the type of juices they create by varying the type of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients used in the juicing process. Additionally, a cold pressed juicer allows for maximum efficiency with its low-speed motor.

The juicer’s slow speed helps preserve fresh fruits and vegetables’ vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. As a result, cold pressed juicers are an ideal choice for anyone looking to make healthy drinks regularly.

How do Cold Pressed Juicers Work?

Cold press juicers use a hydraulic press to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. This process is incredibly effective, extracting more juice from the product than traditional juicers. It does this by crushing the produce with a metal plate, forcing the juice through tiny mesh pieces.

The pressure the metal plate applies is adjustable, allowing the juicer to customize their juice extraction. The cold press process also preserves many fruits and vegetables’ vital nutrients and enzymes, providing an extremely healthy and nutritious drink.

Additionally, it helps to keep harmful bacteria from entering the juice, making it safer for consumption. Cold press juicers are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and health benefits, making them an excellent choice for high-quality and nutritious juice.

What is the Best Cold Pressed Juicer?

Of all these excellent cold pressed juicers, our number one choice is the Great Good Cold Pressed Juicer. It’s a solid robust juicing machine that has proven reliable.

It has a reputation for creating amazing juices of all varieties, and it does so consistently, according to its many users. As of this writing, it has a perfect 5.0 user rating on Amazon.

Listen to what some of them are publicly saying:

“I found the Greater Goods Juicer to be relatively quiet, did a good job of extracting the juice, and the best part was that it was a breeze to clean.” 

“The cold pressed juicer is quieter; cold pressed extracts more juice from the fruits and vegetables, longer shelf life of juices and much more. My first recipe that I tried was an Anti-Inflammatory one.”

“This is my 3rd juicer over the last ten years and I would have to say this one is the easiest to use all the way around. It’s compact so I can leave it on my counter unlike the others. Disassembly and cleaning is quick and hassle-free.”

“I had it set up and ready to use within 15 minutes and made a quick sample fruit juice to try it out. It was super easy to assemble and use, and I’m very pleased with the product.”

These comments pretty much validate the features and benefits that Great Goods claims. This is why we choose it among all the best cold pressed juicers reviews posted above.

Types of Cold Pressed Juicers

When it comes to cold pressed juicers, there are several types of machines to consider.

Centrifugal juicers use a spinning disc to shred and spin the fruits and vegetables to extract juice.

Masticating juicers grind and crush ingredients at a slower speed, which helps preserve the nutrients and enzymes.

Ultimately, the slow-cold pressing process produces a higher quality juice with more beneficial nutrients. Both masticating and centrifugal juicers have advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to research to determine which type best suits your needs.

Additionally, some machines can produce nut butters and sorbets, adding to the versatility of the juicer. With a suitable machine and knowledge of the cold pressing process, you can make delicious, nutritious juices that are sure to please.

Features to Look for in a Cold Pressed Juicer

When shopping for a cold pressed juicer, there are a few features to consider to get the most out of your purchase.

Firstly, look for a model capable of processing hard and soft fruits and vegetables. Many juicers can struggle with softer produce, which is why a cold pressed juicer is ideal.

Secondly, check the size of the feeder chute; bigger is better as you won’t have to waste time chopping up the ingredients beforehand.

Additionally, examine the power of the motor. A higher wattage ensures you can quickly process large batches of fruit and veg without struggling.

Finally, look for a safety feature like a locking lid or non-slip base. This reduces the risk of accidents or spilled juice. With these features in mind, you can find the perfect cold pressed juicer to make all of your favorite drinks.

Enjoy Your New Cold Pressed Juicer

Regardless of which of these cold press juicers you choose, I encourage you to use it as much as possible. I hope that these top ten best cold pressed juicers reviews were helpful in your decision.

I also urge you to get creative by creating your own cold press juice recipes. There are just too many cold pressed juice benefits not to use your own juicer at every possibility.

Finally, the cold pressed juicers listed above are incredibly good choices – even though we have our favorite one. If you are still in the decision process, we recommend you reread these best cold press juicers reviews.

Either way, enjoy your new cold pressed juicer!

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