Attracting Prosperity and Abundance

The path towards prosperity and abundance starts with a very basic idea. To fully understand what these terms really mean, we have to first define them.

In other words, we are not able to see any prosperity at all until we truly know what it is that we are seeking. This notion might sound simple, but this is a very basic misunderstanding of the real nature of abundance, and it will prevent us from ever experiencing it.

Defining Abundance

It is quite difficult to find anything if you do not know what it is that you are searching for, but it’s very hard to get it when you are focusing on the wrong item. Sadly, that is exactly what many people do, and they end up searching for the wrong thing. The way they are defining prosperity and abundance is not at all correct, and then they will spend a big part of their lives seeking something else other than wealth and prosperity.

Why is it that people continue searching for the wrong thing? The reason is because of a faulty definition of wealth and abundance that we have either been taught at a very early age, or we have developed through our lives. To some people, the notion of abundance simply means luxury and money. When there are very expensive houses, luxury cars, stylish clothing, and trending art involved, then this is an indication of prosperity and abundance. So these individuals will spend their lives going after material riches since they think that prosperity means acquiring material objects and financial wealth.

So attracting wealth abundance and prosperity really starts with the prosperity and abundance meaning that we carry around inside our heads.

Different Ways to See Prosperity

attracting prosperity and abundanceYet to other people, abundance is seen as something that can provide instant relief from their trouble and worries.  And it really must happen before there can be any relief from their hardships. The kinds of events that are capable of doing this are things like finding soulmates, winning lotteries, or getting a life-changing promotion at work. People that define abundance as that magical event they are waiting for usually see it as the ultimate sense of security. This type of opinion sees prosperity and abundance as solely an external force. And whether it’s the pursuit of something or not, it is almost always seen as something that is acquired and specifically measured.

What really occurs whenever you win that lottery, meet your ideal partner, or acquire any of the coveted benchmarks that you have attached to your definition of abundance? The hard truth is that none of these events will actually provide a larger sense of abundance or prosperity. What happens is that you wind up moving your abundance benchmark up to higher levels. The pursuit of prosperity and abundance then ends up being a continuous endeavor, with the endpoint always being beyond your reach.

This is exactly the position in that many of us find ourselves right now. Even though people might have been able to manifest various things into their lives which they believed would bring great joy, they are often left with the feeling that abundance is still eluding them.

This brings up some interesting questions. For instance “if abundance is equal to wealth, then why do many wealthy people claim they don’t have it?” or “If abundance means a wonderful relationship, then why are so many happily married couples saying their lives are not abundant?”  So if these definitions about prosperity and abundance are not true definitions, then what is?

Getting a Clear Idea of Prosperity and Abundance

Whenever you modify your meaning of abundance in order to define its true nature, you’re able to see it immediately without having to acquire anything. It automatically puts you into the flow of prosperity, and then you’ll be able to begin manifesting it very easily in any form that you desire. Unless you are willing to alter what you’re searching for, you will keep chasing only the shadow of abundance, and not actual abundance itself. So which how you’ve structured your definition of abundance.

Understand that when you shift in your own definition of prosperity, it is much more than simple semantics. It’s a big change of perception and consciousness that will allow the actual version of abundance to be revealed to your mind. When this happens, the real vision of prosperity starts becoming clear. No more will you have to find abundance outside of yourself because this is not what attracting abundance is all about. Rather, you’ll be able to receive consciously the things that are already present in your life.

Finding Real Abundance

attracting wealth and abundanceWhen you find real abundance, it is not going to require that you climb the corporate ladder or win the lottery. And it is not going to tell you to generate wealth through shrewd investing methods or starting a new business, simply because these things do not reflect authentic abundance. You’ll be capable of experiencing prosperity and abundance on every level, and not only financial wealth. When this shift is complete, you are going to discover abundance in the simplest of life’s pleasures. The gaping hole in your heart is going to finally be filled and you will not feel the urge or need to acquire things before feeling abundance.

So after achieving true prosperity, if you end up winning the lottery or you start a successful business, this process with be much easier and more rewarding. However, in understanding real abundance, you may actually discover that things like this may not interest you anymore. This is the whole idea about attracting prosperity and abundance.

The great thing about experiencing authentic abundance is that it becomes a habit. You will instantly know whenever you are in the flow, and you will know when you aren’t. As you shift your perception, you’ll easily manifest true abundance in any form that you desire. You’ll become like a radio signal that is dialed into the frequency of abundance. Before long, others will start to notice the shift you have made, and then you’ll have the ability to share that vibration of prosperity with others as well. So that quest of desperation to find that magical solution will be transformed into natural abundance with the environment around you.

Try to imagine what that might feel like for a moment, being in a place where all people respond to the very same meaning of prosperity and abundance. Everyone will know that abundance is endless and infinite and can be shared. The notion of hoarding and selfishly protecting one’s own prosperity seem so ridiculous. And poverty would actually be inconceivable.

This shift in perspective will occur whenever we accept the concept of a world having infinite abundance with no lack. There is already enough resources available to clothe and feed the world. Whenever people get into the flow of abundance, distribution channels of abundance to others become obvious. When we are filled with infinite abundance, we cannot help but share it with other people.

So the natural method of healing our abundant nature leads us to share our healing with others as well. And this healing will be able to circulate all over the world, boosting the prosperity and love to the entire world. Everyone will have the ability to manifest wealth much more rapidly.

And we will exist at a higher vibration level and have the ability to manifest our visions much more often and more elegantly. You will discover that you can now create many things in your life. A higher pay job can be manifested if you still want it.

This process all starts with the vision of a much higher outcome that we were previously accustomed to – we will no longer have illusions about prosperity and abundance. We eventually learn to remain permanently inside the flow of endless abundance. Thus, we gradually heal all the fear and desperation that once fueled our desperate search for artificial prosperity and wealth.

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