Are you Missing Out on Wealth and Abundance?

Do you feel slighted when it comes to wealth and abundance?

In order to begin understanding why you are not feeling abundant, you have to examine what abundance really means to you.

This is important because this definition will determine whether you are going to experience the benefits of wealth and abundance in your actual life.

Many of us think it’s self-evident and that we all define it the same way, but this could not be further from the truth.

Actually, the main reason we feel a lack of abundance in our lives is simply because there’s so much debate and confusion about the real meaning of abundance.

Individual Interpretations

Looking around, you’ll see that most of us have our own interpretation of what abundance really means.

If you were to ask 10,000 different people what true abundance means, you are likely to get 10,000 different responses.

To some of them, it will represent just getting more wealth and money. Then there are others who believe they must find their soulmates in order to experience authentic abundance.


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And then there are yet others who believe abundance is merely having plenty of food to eat, and there are those who see it as dressing stylishly or driving a specific car.

The truth is that there’s only one true way to define abundance. And there is a big probability that your definition does not match the real one.

If it did, then you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. And you would not need to find anything external to feel wealth and abundance.

When we truly know what real abundance is, we begin seeing it and feeling it—both within our hearts and our world.

Getting Clear

It isn’t really our fault for not knowing the real meaning of abundance. When we were children, we simply adopted the definition that our parents and our environment provided – and they did the same thing before us.

Then as we got older, we might have rejected the initial meaning—as was done by many during the 1960s – and then constructed another meaning that was also wrong, based on our own experiences.

Regardless of what you have defined, you have most likely spent your life trying to pursue it. The question is, did you have any luck finding it?

Did you manage to find wealth and abundance? Or have you discovered, as many others have – that when you attain something, there is always another item you desire to have?

After you decide to modify your abundance definition to reflect its actual meaning, you’ll have the ability to instantly see it and feel its effects.

You’ll then be able to observe it everywhere and will begin to experience the amazing joy it delivers. But the longer you hang on to your existing meaning of abundance, you will never find it.

Why Wealth and Abundance Are Eluding Us

So if this prosperity is so plentiful, then why are we not seeing it? We do not see it because our definition of it is flawed and has us looking for things that don’t even exist.

When our definition of abundance has us chasing silver clouds floating across majestic fields, we are not able to see it right underneath our feet.

The definitions we hold in our minds tell us the things to look for amongst all the other subconscious information it receives.

If you are telling yourself you’ll be abundant only when you get a raise at work; then your brain only recognizes abundance as receiving that raise.

So then, if the raise does not occur, then your brain does as it was trained – it tells you that you are not abundant.

And your brain will not seek any other evidence because of this definition you provided as being that pay raise. So this is the only thing that your brain looks for and, thus, the only thing it will see.

So each time you say, “I’ll be abundant whenever this happens,” or, “I’ll be abundant whenever I get this or that,” then you have defined abundance as a specific thing or event.

Your brain then starts looking solely for that one thing. If that event does not happen or you don’t get the item, then your brain tells you that you are not abundant.

Perfect Example of How Our Minds Work

Have you ever noticed that whenever you buy a new car, you begin seeing that same model car everywhere you look?

You probably never noticed them before, but after buying your new auto, you start seeing it parked on streets, going down the highways, and everywhere else.

This is a perfect illustration of how our brains take notice of things that we become aware of and shift our focus and attention to.

Therefore, your existing definition of wealth and abundance instructs your brain to just see the information and data that support your definition.

So long as you keep holding on to your existing definition of abundance, you most likely won’t ever feel it.

This is simply because you’ll not be seeking actual abundance, and there will not ever see it, even if it is directly in front of you.

You’ll just see the evidence of how you are currently defining abundance, which is the actual meaning of it.

You will keep chasing the hollow shadow of abundance rather than going after the source of that shadow, which is the abundant light that continually shines all around us every day.

Hopefully, you will begin seeking the true meaning of what an abundant life looks like. When you begin making this shift, you start to feel the joy and happiness all around you.

However, before this will happen, you need to understand the way that those existing beliefs and crippling your ability to feel real abundance.

Make it your quest to begin redefining your idea of wealth and abundance. When that meaning becomes clearer and clearer to you, you will be able to see it immediately in your life.

And you will begin attracting in accordance with the Law of Attraction for abundance.  More importantly, you start to see how those current beliefs have only been a barrier between you and real abundance in your life.