A Clever Way to Get Your Man to Notice You Again

“All I do is think of him, but he only thinks of himself”

One way to get their attention is through their instinct to compete.


Men are naturally competitive. It’s in their DNA to want to be the best, to win, and to be the alpha male. This is why so many of them love sports.

They constantly compare themselves to other men, whether in terms of their careers, sports teams, or even who has the better car.


This need to be the best can often lead to conflict and competition between men. But it can also be a positive force, driving them to achieve great things.


“I want him to want to see me”


So while it may sometimes be a source of friction, competition is also an essential part of what makes them men.

While each man is unique, here are a few ideas on how to use their competitiveness to re-spark their love for you:

Get him involved in planning dates or outings, and let him know that you value his input. This way, he’ll feel like he has a stake in the relationship and will be more motivated to make things work.

Find shared interests and activities that you can enjoy together. Doing things together will help create a stronger bond between you.

Be supportive of his goals and ambitions. Showing interest in what he’s passionate about will make him feel appreciated and loved.

Be challenging and keep things interesting. It will become less meaningful to him if he feels like he’s always winning your love. So don’t be afraid to mix things up, and don’t overplay your hand!

Learn to use your man’s natural sense of competitiveness to pay more attention to you!


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