5 Tips for Manifesting Happiness

For many years we have heard, “you become what you think about”. Quite a few of the greatest philosophers and thinkers throughout history taught us that whenever we change the things we are thinking about, it will allow us literally transform our lives. This is really what manifesting happiness is about.

Hard to Understand Why No One Uses this Method

Even though this advice is very clear and has even helped a multitude of people, most of us do not even attempt to modify our negative thoughts. We seem content to let all those limiting thoughts and beliefs continually go through our minds every day. Too many of us have bought into the idea that our circumstances need to change first before we can have positive thoughts.

This mindset is one that believes happiness will come from things that exist outside of our minds and bodies. We believe that after we get a promotion, or earn more money, or find our soulmate, this is when we can finally enjoy happiness. This can change when we begin realizing that true happiness comes from within us and does not depend on any external thing.

Five Tips to Manifest Happiness

5 tips for manifesting happinessHappiness really comes from attitude. And attitude is simply a mental state that all of us maintain as we go about our day. It is characterized by how we look at the world around us, or rather how we are choosing to observe it. And we can look at it through either a positive lens or a negative one. The attitudes we carry is with us in every interaction or situation that we experience. More importantly, people around us can sense it immediately by the energy vibration we put out. Here are some ways that will help us maintain a more positive attitude.

Use Positive affirmations – Yes, the idea of using affirmations is nothing new, but there is a reason we use them. In spite of how positive affirmations have been perhaps exploited as being a major element of success, it is really hard to overlook the effectiveness of using them. The fact is that pretty much every successful person has used them in some form or another. Many of them may not think they used them, but I ask those people, “What kinds of thoughts do you have every day?” Or “What does that little voice in your head tell you daily?” Like it or not, these are all affirmations. They provide us a great way to start changing the negative thoughts we are having over and over again.

Establish Positive habits – While affirmations help us change that voice in our heads, we still need more tools. When we take positive action and live in a way that supports our mental and physical health, we take our positive energy to a new level. There are many forms of positive habits. We can get more sleep, eat healthier foods, we can exercise more, and get more fresh air in nature.  

See the Opportunity in Setbacks – We all know that life is full of setbacks. The positive thinker has learned that there is a great opportunity within a setback. Whenever we realize that obstacles force us to take another path, to look at things another way, and to change the way we think about things. And often times, when we alter our path, we find exciting new opportunities and new wonderful experiences in our lives.

Trust Yourself More – When you start using the affirmations and establish good habits, you will notice something great happening. The doubts and negative thoughts in your head begin to evaporate. But the most wonderful thing about all this is that you can start trusting yourself again. You are starting to make better and better decisions, and therefore your instincts become more reliable.

Visualize Positive Outcomes – Here is another way to change what goes on with in your mind. We need to start seeing good things happening within the images we see in our minds. We need to begin visualize the things we would like to happen in a positive. You should actually do this every single day – without fail. It will make a huge difference in your life.

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