5 Powerful Reasons Why Truth is Important for Gaining Wisdom

There are many times when telling the truth is very hard. It sometimes means that we have to portray ourselves in not so favorable light. We may have to admit we were wrong or expose something terrible about someone we care for.

But there are five powerful reasons why truth is essential and why things actually improve because of the truth. Let’s examine them one by one:

1) Truth can empower people around you

Never forget that change can never be achieved in the absence of the truth. And we all know that change is always necessary to grow and flourish. We can’t expect new things to happen when we keep doing the same things repeatedly.

So, in essence, all necessary change must begin with truth. We have to know what needs changing. Yes, lies can prompt changes too, but without the truth, those changes will not work.

One common act of hiding the truth is that we are afraid it will upset someone else. This could come from a fear of rejection that all of us feel sometimes, or it could come from a fear of losing control over someone else.

But when the truth is finally revealed, others will either learn a painful lesson about themselves or about how someone else has been treating them. Either way, there are empowered by truth.

2) Truth gives you peace of mind

When we are painfully true about ourselves and accept our own humanity, we feel a tremendous peace of mind. No longer do we have to maintain and nurture a false belief in our minds and the minds of others. Such a task requires a lot of mental energy.

Additionally, we feel the sensation of a new level of integrity from doing the right thing. We become more aligned with deeper values. Our self-love also receives an enormous burst of energy.

Living within the scope of a clear set of principles allows us to live in harmony within ourselves. Many people live with constant internal turmoil by living a lie – there is no sustaining this without mental suffering.

3) Truth is a sign of caring

Sincere love and caring reach beyond lies or a desire to control other people. Controlling others is a very selfish act that is driven by insecurity and fear within the controlling person.

Whenever we genuinely care about others, we have to be willing to tell them things that are painful to hear. While an acquaintance will usually tell us what we want to hear, a true friend is ready to tell you a bitter truth.

Over time, any relationship that lacks truth will eventually crumble. This is because they ultimately become a waste of time for both parties. Without truth, there can never be any growth between them.

4) Truth earns respect

There are countless instances when truth earns the respect of others. For example, we often hear the term “speaking truth to power” spoken in our society and glowing respect for people who do this. This is because it takes courage to tell the painful truth to those in charge.

However, someone willing to be truthful despite the environment signifies that they care for others around them. This is another reason why they are respected.

5) Truth creates deeper connections

When you are truthful with people, you openly demonstrate that you are not afraid to express your feelings. You show them a high level of trust, and when this is done, most people reciprocate.

This act of reciprocation is the fundamental element of building rapport with others. Rapport begins with a feeling of empathy and trust between two people.

Final thoughts

These are the five powerful reasons why truth is so important. We have all heard that truth is power. If you have experienced what truth can do for you and those around you, you already know that this is an understatement.

In my life, I have learned that all things must begin with truth. The truth is always impartial and is a reflection of the real world. The truth is there to show us the way, but sometimes we humans refuse to accept this fact. I feel sad for those who never learn this simple fact.