4 Reasons You Haven’t Found Your Soulmate

Everyone has a soulmate. The problem is not everyone has been able to find them. We see our soulmate as that someone who’s very attracted to our souls or our spiritual presence. Relationships with soulmates are highly sought after because they are both nourishing and harmonious on a very deep spiritual level.

Soulmates are naturally enticed by the very essence and passion of what our soul offers them. Prior to our births, our soul and that of our soulmate were connected and mutually agreed to link together for a much higher spiritual purpose. So for those of us who haven’t found our soul mates yet, here are four possible reasons.

1) You Are Not Being the Real You

The fact is very few of us really know who we are. Most of us have spent our lives trying to ignore things that really bug us, and then we tend to sugarcoat the truths that we don’t want to tell other people. How can a person that does those things not be lying to themselves? Being the real you is all about being honest with yourself and understanding the things that you desire in your life – and not what others want for you.

2) You Subconsciously Attract the Wrong People

In the end, your true soulmate is going to be enticed by your true soul signal. This signal is a vibration that is unique to you only, like a fingerprint of your soul. Attracting the wrong people goes right back to not being the real you again. When your true soul is dilated with beliefs and ideas from your environment, it becomes a real challenge to attract your soulmate.

3) Your Subconscious Mind is Distorting Your Thoughts

4 reasons you haven't found your soulmateA big part of our soul fingerprint comes from our subconscious thoughts. What makes this important is the fact that we have more than 50,000 thoughts every single day. Over time, many of those thoughts become inundated with influences from our surrounding environment. Don’t believe me? How often do you think about work when you are not there?

This is not to say that thinking about work is a bad thing, it just illustrates how much influence our environment has on our subconscious thoughts. The point here is that our thoughts are part of our natural vibration, and this is what ultimately attracts certain people to you in the end. So unless you are having thoughts that are true to your soul, then you will keep attracting the wrong people.

4) Your Current Relationship Process is Stuck on Repeat

Your ideas about what a relationship is supposed to be like are first based on the relationship your parents had. Even though you may not condone some of their practices, they still left an impression upon you. Romantic connections bring into question a whole assortment of emotions that we have to manage and address.

Not only is there love involved, but there is also trust, intimacy, integrity, values, beliefs, and especially your attitude toward the opposite sex (unless you are in the same sex relationship). For instance, if you have a trust issue, then you tend to become afraid when you get too close to someone – and that someone could actually be your soulmate.

The bottom line is that unless you make some changes in the way you view relationships, you will continue getting the same results. The best way to begin addressing this is by evaluating your past relationships. You should pay close attention to why those relationships began and why they ended. Also, identify the things that made you have doubts and uneasy feelings during those relationships.

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