4 Great Ways to Enjoy Happiness Everyday

We human beings are naturally connected to our emotional consciousness whether we like it or not. Therefore, all of us have a strong desire to achieve and maintain happiness at some level. The sad fact is that many of us do not know how to connect to our happy state.

We have been somewhat deceived by our society to believe that material possessions are the key to our happiness. This is done by clever marketing tactics that are driven purely by greed. They promote the mindset that the more cool things we own, the more fulfilled we will be.

If this were true, then why do so many celebrities live troubled lives? Don’t they have more materialistic possessions than anyone?

The result of all this is that many of us spend our lives chasing what we believe will make us happy and find inner peace of mind. Yet we see all sorts of examples that this assumption must not be true.  

The real truth about happiness is that it must come from inside of us. When we rely on external things to give us joy and happiness, we are setting ourselves up for manipulation by others. And if you have not figured it out by now, being manipulated by others results in giving them control of your life. This leads to a lack of self-respect over time – which is very hard to accept.

There is no solution for happiness. It is a state of mind that needs to be cultivated over time. But when you start the process, you start gradually feeling more and more content with yourself.

Let us examine four (4) ways that we can begin the process of feeling some happiness every single day.

Morning Boost

4 Great Ways to Enjoy Happiness Everyday 2Starting your day on a positive note makes a huge difference in your life. So why not establish a solid routine of small steps that you can easily do consistently every day? Try these three steps.

(1) The fact is that your mind and body will need a quick boost. When you first open your eyes, get in the habit of thinking about the thing you are most looking forward to doing on this day. This puts you in a positive mindset that is eager to get going.

(2) Secondly, drink a quick glass of water to boost your mind and body physically. Your brain needs hydration to function at an optimal level. And getting water will keep your bowels on a healthy schedule.

(3) Carve out five minutes somewhere during your morning to reflect on an upcoming day. You will need a quiet place to relax and let your mind rest. The key objective here is to relax. Doing this over time will greatly reduce your stress level and perhaps even your blood pressure.

Be Grateful

Living in gratitude is a wonderful way to focus on the good things in your life. When we think more about our blessings, we will naturally be happier about our lives.

Think about this. We strive sometimes for years about getting a certain thing in our life and believe all things will be better when it happens. Yet when we get that beloved thing, our joy is short-lived. Instead, we begin seeking out another thing that will change our lives.

Does this sound familiar?

There is nothing wrong with having goals and desires, but we should never lose sight of the many blessings we already have. The irony is that we focus on our blessings; we tend to get more of them.

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Find Your Support

Like it or not, our creator has made us social creatures. This means we have a natural desire to connect with others. Some of us desire larger social circles than others, but all of us need to have social connections of some sort.

Countless studies have shown that those who have social connections have benefited greatly. They tend to have much lower levels of depression and anxiety. And they also have higher levels of self-esteem and exhibit more empathy for other people.

This doesn’t mean you need to be a social maniac, but you should spend time with other humans on a causal level. Eventually, you can begin trusting and spending more time with a handful of other people. This will greatly increase your level of happiness.

In today’s unique world, you can connect with others for a minute or two online, through texting, or even a quick phone call every day. These connections could ultimately lead to deeper relationships.

Your relationship objective should be seeking all people who make you better. If you feel an energy drain around someone, then you should move on to the next person.

Let Things Go

4 Great Ways to Enjoy Happiness EverydayLife is too short to stress over every little thing.

Not only this, these little things can eventually kill you.

When we constantly judge and form harsh opinions on events and people around us, we create an internal dialog that can become intense.

The thing about opinions is that they must be defended. And when we feel them and state them to ourselves, then we begin defending them. This internal dialog will drain your mental energy and increase your stress level.  

Imagine what would happen if we just let things go?

When we let others believe what they believe without the urge to correct them, we experience more energy for the really important things in our life. When we quit worrying about things we can’t control and tend to the things we can control, we experience amazing peace in our minds.

Final Thoughts

These four (4) methods really do work, but they don’t work overnight. We must realize that obtaining happiness is a process that takes time.

The good news is that when you begin doing these things, you will start feeling a little piece of happiness right away. And that little piece grows bigger and bigger with each day. The prudent person will concentrate on improving themselves 1% every single day – instead of improving 100% in a few days. This is the best way to find happiness.