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A healthy body and mind are paramount in living a fulfilling life. Too many of us neglect our health at the price of pursuing other things in life.

What are the Signs of Intelligence?

signs of intelligence

Do you think you’re smart? Most people would say yes—after all, intelligence is relative. But are you REALLY smart? Or are you just good at taking tests? There’s a big difference. Intelligence is more than just being able to answer…

What are the Signs of Extreme Burnout?

signs of extreme burnout

Are you feeling run down and like you can’t keep up? Are your days all a blur, and don’t feel like you’re getting anything done? If so, you may be experiencing the early signs of burnout. Burnout is a serious…

Learn How to Overcome Perfectionism

how to overcome perfectionism

Most of us are forever seeking ways to improve our living standards, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with setting high standards for ourselves. This keeps us focused and motivated on a daily basis. Unfortunately, when such a pursuit becomes obsessive…